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90s Clothes Shops and What to Shop for Now

June 12, 2022

Retro 90s clothes shops have seen a spike in popularity. Here’s why!


When it comes to going shopping for specific fashion, the 90s clothes shops might have to be the winners. Clothes shops around the world are obsessed with the resurgence of 90s vintage fashion, with people all over wearing pieces their parents thought would never see the light of day again. There are so many style icons from the period, from Julia Roberts in Notting Hill or Phoebe, Monica and Rachel’s stylish looks in ‘Friends’, whose clothes are all on style boards around the world to this day. They are all trendier than ever right now; there’s something about the effortful effortless look that we all want to emulate.

Exploring the Popularity of 90s Clothes Shops

Vintage fashion truly withstands the tests of time, and we are here for it. If you were wondering what some of the best 90s clothes to shop for are, then look no further. Here is the rundown of some of the most stylish items that will never go out of style.

Manuela Arcuri in 1995

Manuela Arcuri in 1995

90s Clothes Shops and Slip dresses

Slip dresses will forever be a style staple- they’re elegant, effortless, timeless, stylish, sexy, and cool all at the same time- what’s not to love? You know that style of dress your mum might say looks like a nightdress? Back then, the likes of Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston visited 90s clothes shops to buy them, and today, style queens like Bella Hadid and Lily Rose Depp are leaders in the resurgence. This vintage style is a staple in shops to this day.

Buying Kitten Heels at 90s Clothes Shops

Love them or hate them – they’re a rave at 90s clothes shops today! A bit more of a divisive item that’s for sure, but they do look fabulous and are no longer just for grannies. They’re the shoes with a tapered heel, about 2.5-5cm in height. They were stylish in the 90s and are making a comeback; they’re a case of “don’t knock ‘em til’ you rock ‘em!”.  These shoes are far more comfortable than your average heels, perfect for women on the go who still want to wear heels and give off a sophisticated vibe. And they just keep coming back around.

90s Clothes Shops Staple – Double denim

Denim is back, but even more significantly, double denim is back. Maybe not quite in the same JT and Britney way from the 90s, but mixing different blue hues together is no longer the style disaster it may have been to the fashion police ten years ago.

Over the shoulder bags

The tiny handbag was a staple in clothes shops during the 90s and here it is again, although this time even tinier. The baguette handbags popularised by Miss Carrie Bradshaw are very in at the moment. But if this is too big for you, you could go even smaller with a micro handbag- still fits your lipstick, don’t worry!

Shopping for Jeans at 90s Clothes Shops

At most 90s clothes shops, jeans are a category in themselves. Finding a good pair of jeans can be a very challenging task, but they are also one piece of clothing I don’t think you can really grow tired of – which makes it worth the time searching for the perfect pair. For a while there it was all skinny jeans, but now that all the styles from the 90s are back- like mom jeans, dad jeans, straight leg, bootcut- it’s time to channel your inner 90s sitcom character and find a pair that suit you and your style.

90s Clothes Shops - Katya Fuks in a Kosiuko graphic ,1996

Katya Fuks in a Kosiuko graphic, 1996

Leather Blazers

Name a more 90s outfit than a white t-shirt, vintage Levi’s and an oversized leather blazer. This was basically the uniform of the 90s ‘it’ girls like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julia Roberts. The leather blazer was a crucial part to this look, adding a touch of masculinity to give off effortless cool girl vibes, and these are the same looks replicated today. The perfect way to look like a 90s cool girl.

Micro Sunglasses

Another divisive comeback from the 90s are micro sunglasses, with 90s clothes shops selling-out quickly. Celebrities have been jumping on this trend for a couple of years, with the likes of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid seen about town donning the shades. While they may not give as much protection from the sun as traditional sunglasses, they do look cool when you’re wearing them- priorities.


Who would have thought we would ever be talking about the return of the scrunchie, and yet here we are! This simple hair accessory was actually labelled the biggest comeback of 2021 – and with good reason. After rising to popularity in the late 80s, the scrunchie became the thing every girl had in their hair during the 90s, from little girls at school to women on a night out on the town. And it is evident that Gen-Z are enforcing their return to hair accessory champions.

90s Clothes Shops - Navy Champion Sweatshirt

90s Navy Champion Sweatshirt


The popularity of baggy clothes is the key sign of the 90s resurgence in fashion, and this explains the increasing popularity of sweatshirts at 90s clothes shops across the country. Once seen regularly on early seasons Monica Geller or Rachel Green, baggy sweatshirts are back and let’s hope it stays that way. Easy to shop in most stores, you can find a cool sweatshirt with almost any phrase on it you want these days- the perfect way to look stylish and show someone a part of your personality.

Biker Shorts

Those famous photos of Princess Diana walking to her car with biker shorts and a baggy sweatshirt may have singularly forced their return to mainstream fashion. They are definitely not just for the riders at the Tour de France; in the 90s they were a fashion statement worn by all the cool girls, and today many women wear them as a casual outfit to run errands or dressed up for a night out. This is a comfy trend with versatility.


Velvet was probably THE most sought-after fabric at 90s clothes shops, and it is just as stylish today. From sultry slip dresses to preppy, collared tops, velvet can be seen on many different clothes today- especially during the festive season. It gives any look an immediately vintage feel, and if you want to look even more retro, adding a dark red lipstick may be the way to go.

Shell Suits

Raid your dad’s wardrobe and you might just find one for you. Shell suits helped bring sportswear to everyone. And while they might not be worn in quite the retro way they used to, they are just as cool and trendy as they once were.

90s Clothes Shops Bargains – Branded Sportswear

Speaking of sports, branded sportswear is having another moment- from Fila to Adidas, the same outfits that once were worn thirty years ago are back today.

Lorna Osgood and María Inés Rivero, 1993

Lorna Osgood and María Inés Rivero photographs by Gaby Herbstein for a fashion editorial in Para Ti magazine, 1993

Corset Tops

Blame Gen Z, or maybe Bridgerton. Once seen on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, today corset tops are on the rise once more, and are becoming the perfect item for a stylish night out, or to simply enhance your everyday style!


The perfect print for a preppy look, whether going out for a picnic or to the trendiest brunch spot in town. Gingham can be found on everything these days: trousers, tops, dresses, hairbands- it’s a bold look that’s keeps coming back.

Mesh Tops

If you need more proof that nostalgic fashion is all the rage, then look no further than the resurrection of the mesh top – most 90s clothes shops can’t keep-up with demand. The perfect top to wear year-round, whether layering it under a knitted jumper, slip dresses or on its own on a summer’s day, it’s one wardrobe staple of the moment. Whether you’re after a funky print or a sexy top, there are plenty of styles to go around.

Olive Green Bucket Hat

Olive Green Bucket Hat

Bucket Hats

Not just for members of Gallagher brothers, bucket hats have been all the rage during the past few festival seasons; and when worn right, they can be a pretty cool way to finish off any outfit. Opinions are still pretty split on this one, but Justin Bieber is one big fan today.

Melenca, Carola del Bianco and Bárbara Durand, 1994

The models Mariana Pinamonti, Astrid Melenca, Carola del Bianco and Bárbara Durand photographed by Andrés Requena for the magazine Gente in 1994


Did the white vest ever go out of style? Well, if they did then it is back today. Emma Chamberlain is one style icon who wears them on a regular basis with some loose-fitting blue jeans and some trainers, promoting the ‘less is more’ mantra the 90s were known for.

Combat Trousers

Thanks to AllSaints, combat trousers were owned by every trendy teen decades ago. The exact look is cool once more- a baggy pair of combats, a tight crop top and some trendy sneakers. If outfits could time travel this would take us right back.


Many vintage lovers are big fans of the waistcoat worn as a top, with a pair of baggy low-waisted jeans and a slight bare midriff. Back in the day, Drew Barrymore was also one fan of this trend, giving off rocker chic vibes that will forever be cool.

90s Clothes Shops - 90s Tie-dye Shirt

90s Tie-dye Shirt

Tie Dye Fashion at 90s Clothes Shops

Is tie dye the ultimate summer print? It looks like it is. If you didn’t have a cute little tie dye t-shirt in the 90s then you were really missing out. But not to worry, because here we are again, and they are just as cute as they ever were. Destiny’s Child would be proud.


Who would have thought that when it comes to trends, today’s fashion outlets would basically mimic 90s clothes shops all over again… and yet here we are! From loose Levis, baggy sweatshirts, leather blazers, to everything micro, it seems that everything that goes around comes around. All the 90 clothes shops you go to now are filled with nostalgia, with Kate Moss once again reigning as the ultimate style icon and what’s there to complain about? Lessons should be learned- whatever you buy now, remember to keep it because one day it may be the chicest vintage item in your wardrobe!