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Womens vintage 80s sweaters

August 4, 2015

As we’ve been looking at autumn’s fashion looks for this year it seems pertinent to take a brief look at womens vintage 80s sweaters.


For men at least – big colourful jumpers are in – mostly squares, and who says a woman can’t wear a man’s clothes? Also, clashing colours, bright clashing colours. They’re in this autumn and the 80s is the perfect place to find some.

Womens vintage 80s sweaters – then and now

Batwing beauty

Who doesn’t love the batwing sleeve from the 80s?This was a perfectly shaped sleeve, not everyone will agree and it did become a little ubiquitous over the course of the decade.


They were on jackets, coats and sweaters, but really, with the right colour, pattern and shape, a batwing sleeve can be a beautiful thing, especially on a sweater.


womens vintage 80s sweaters, Neon pink 80s Batwing Sweater

Neon pink 80s Batwing Sweater

Womens vintage 80s sweaters – Patterns

Patterned jumpers are the go to thing for the autumn season with squares for men in block colours. Also think big with a plainer background, so they stand out.


And although the layering this autumn for men is about polo’s under sweaters, and polo’s under dresses for women, there’s no good reason why you can’t wear womens vintage 80s sweaters with a sweater/polo vibe if that’s what you like.


The patterns of the 80s weren’t for the light hearted, they were loud and proud.That’s not such a bad thing either, because what you will find this autumn is a contrasting pattern vibe going on – and that’s for the girls.


Think vintage 80s patterned knitwear with a contrasting patterned skirt, or skinny pants.


Bring them together and perhaps unite them with one colour – perhaps a more dominant shade.That way there’s contrast and a little harmony. Or maybe how about a vibrant, vintage coloured sweater underneath a strappy dress?

Womens vintage 80s sweaters – Baggy

Yes, we’re also talking baggy jumpers rather than fitted ones.


They’re perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or over leggings (a definite nod to the 80s), you can also wear them with tight skirts for a bit of baggy vs figure hugging or perhaps under or over a dress for a bit of grungy anti-grooming.

Fair Isle

Yes, Fair Isle is good – we’re looking at contrasting patterns which fits in nicely with the autumn colour thing going on.

Animal prints

This may sound awful, but keep in mind sweaters with animals on the front were all the rage last year, so somebody loved this idea for it to have taken off in the first place.However, 80s style is usually on a patterned background, and is somewhat busier than its modern counterpart with the plainer backgrounds.


While a noughties animal sweater has a more subtle environment with less exciting knits, the 80s animal sweater is a bright and colourful thing and usually surrounded with patterns.If loud colours aren’t your thing then stay away.

If you love the 80s then go and source something from your favourite vintage store (Blue17?) and if you care, try and source colours and patterns that are in keeping with the autumn winter fashion vibe.

If you don’t, then do vintage 80s in your own inimitable style, after all it’s the people that make the trends, that’s what I think anyway…


Vibrant colours

olive green and the batwing sleeve with long cuff


pastel pink