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Womens 1950s vintage blouses

May 25, 2015

There’s something wonderfully feminine about womens 1950s vintage blouses that still make them a popular choice today. They’re tailored to fit well, with carefully placed darts and yes, the ironing of such things are a real pain, but if you want a fresh and unique look that can be worn with skinny pants, skirts or shorts, then pretty womens 1950s vintage blouses maybe just the thing.

So read on ladies, for some 1950s blouse love…..

Variety of 1950s vintage blouses

An example of a 1950s Bateau Top-womens 1950s vintage blouses

An example of a 1950s Bateau Top-womens 1950s vintage blouses


The puff sleeve of the 40s fell out of favour in the 50s, although it made a modest appearance on peasant off the shoulder blouses that had been popular during the 40s. Blouses in this decade would usually have short straight sleeves, pussy bow necklines and fit at the waist, no midriff exposure, but tight enough to show the fullness of an hourglass figure. They were embellished with lace, and pleating, and patterns were floral, cheque, gingham and stripes.


The introduction of nylon made life easier for those who were iron shy, but the tailored stiff cotton blouses of the 50s were unbeatable for sheer elegance and sophistication.

Collar me in

Shirts with collars were modest and discreet, some came with a wide boat neck collars, some came with shawl collars, and there were the collarless wrap shirts that tied at the waist (perfect with tailored pants or skinnies). Peter Pan collars made their first appearance on a 50s blouse, but would reappear again in the 60s and again later, on and off for the next few decades.

How do you wear womens 1950s vintage blouses?

To wear womens 1950s vintage blouses, it could be argued that you’ll need a slim waist and the sizes may not match what you’d expect to fit today. But don’t feel that if you don’t have the perfect hourglass figure you can’t wear a 50s vintage blouse. You could try a corset to cinch in the waist, but there are larger sizes around, and don’t believe that they’re for the more youthful figure, they can look every bit as sophisticated on more mature women. Accessories will be crucial and what you wear on the bottom part will count for much too.

Tops in the 50s were usually cinched in at the waist and often came with high necklines.

Tops in the 50s were usually cinched in at the waist and often came with high necklines.


Summer time – the sun is shinin’ come on get happy

Summer favoured halter neck tops in the 50s, but they were far more tailored than they are today. They came with collars sometimes, and this type of halter top was also popular on 50s bathing costumes. Women would have to wear a strapless bra and the look had the potential to create a sophisticated silhouette. Think Grace Kelly, Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe. If you’re trying this look, your skin needs to be soft and well moisturised, and a slick of red lipstick and a pair of good quality shades can be a welcome addition.

Always elegant, smart, tailored.womens 1950s vintage blouses

Always elegant, smart, tailored.womens 1950s vintage blouses


Demure or daring

For womens 1950s vintage blouses there’s a primmer, tailored Peter Pan blouse with pretty florals and gingham prints, and the hint of sexiness to come in the next decade, with sophisticated halter neck and collarless wrap tops.


Although women were still dressed relatively conservative during the 50s you could see that things were changing slowly, with smouldering movie stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Diana Dors creating a much sexier image that ordinary women were eager to emulate.

This smart shawl collared blouse was typical of the 1950s.

This smart shawl collared blouse was typical of the 1950s.


Do Womens 1950s vintage blouses your way

Whether you choose a more demure look or a sexier more sophisticated silhouette, womens 1950s vintage blouses are a perfect choice, for work or play, lunch or dinner, party or office wear, just check their authenticity (look at the label and the tailoring) and check the sizes. You don’t want to come home with a top that doesn’t fit. You can do top to toe fifties or you can match with modern accessories and current skirts or pants.


50s blouse

50s blouse



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women’s 1950s vintage blouses-Elegant, shapely, tailored and flattering to the waist.

Givenchy Bettina blouse 1952

Halter neck top with palazzo pants. A great look then and a great look now.

Sleeves were short or three-quarter length like this one.womens 1950s vintage blouses



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