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1960s vintage blouses

July 9, 2015

 Although 1960s vintage blouses were slightly looser than those worn in the previous decade, in the early half of the sixties they were still close fitting. Colours and fabrics did become more interesting as the decades progressed and clothes gradually become shorter and looser.


Women's 1960s pattern illustration

Women’s 1960s pattern illustration

1960s vintage blouses choices, Collar or no collar, buttons to the front or the back

Blouses were either short, long sleeved or completely sleeveless, loose to tight fit in either plain colours or patterns, usually florals in the early part of the decade. They were either buttoned down the front with a collar or buttoned up at the back and came with a collarless neck.


The 60s changed and so did the clothes

There was the Chanel look and Jackie Kennedy style in the early part of the decade – stylish, fitted and yet a little formal, a little stiff. Clothes would start to become less formal as the decade wore on with the Beatles leading the way from the mid-sixties onwards with a more colourful and more fun palate. 1960s vintage blouses and shirts would become more colourful later on from the mid to late sixties onwards.


What’s great about this decade is that there were so many influences, from mods to rockers, Kennedy to Chanel, from The Beatles to Twiggy’s androgyny and Biba and Quant’s new aesthetic with shorter length skirts and wide balloon sleeves with long cuffs.


1960s vintage blouses patterns

1960s vintage blouses patterns

1960s vintage blouses – London

During this period as well as changes in shape and colour of women’s clothes there was the op art movement with music and fashion crossing the Atlantic and making London the place to be seen in with its unique statement fashion trends, while the music revolutionised both sides of the ocean. As well as this there were other designers making their mark in the UK at this time too, such as Ossie Clark, and Manolo Blahnik would go on to say years later that “He created an incredible magic with the body and achieved what fashion should do—produce desire.”

Authentic Women’s 1960s vintage blouses

Today, finding anything authentic from the 60s is a real bonus, with opportunities to discover unique one off prints, fitted tops that skim the top of your thighs giving you a great silhouette, or ones with 60s written all over them with their voluminous sleeves and large collars.


1960s vintage blouses Mod tops offer monochrome and collars are non-existent or discreetly mandarin or barely there, pussy bows and brazen polka dot patterns. It all really depends on what part of the 60s you really like and if the answer is all of it, then you can always buy a piece that’s in keeping with all of the important trends during this most important fashion decade.


1960s vintage blouses

1960s vintage blouses



There’s plenty of choice with 1960s vintage blouses

So when you’re choosing a vintage blouse from the 1960s you’ve got the best choices from some of the best designers the 60s ever produced, and if you can’t afford a designer label, you can always buy copies, even boutique versions are still better than today’s retro copies or high street mass produced replicas. So go out there and search my friend, and let your hair down for the 60s with a beautiful, unique and thoroughly original 60s vintage blouse.

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1960s geometric print blouse



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