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Womens 1990s vintage blouses

July 24, 2015

If 90s dressing is your thing, then naturally you’ll be looking for some Womens 1990s vintage blouses to compliment an outfit. Perhaps you’ll mix and match them with contemporary pieces, after all there’s much to work with as far as the 90s are concerned.


Many of the fabrics, colours and patterns are perfect, not just for the summer season, but for the new autumn trends on the horizon this year.

Wearing Womens 1990s vintage blouses now

Neon, grunge, exercise, glamour

There were many different styles over the course of the decade. We’re talking neon colours, grunge, exercise wear and glamour wear, with more form fitting and feminine silhouettes.There were baby doll dresses, short skirts and dresses and animal prints.


Fabrics were high shine with satin, metallic, sequins, vinyl, and silk. Leotard bodies that covered the body, much like what they were wearing in the gym, crossed over to the street and were worn with jeans and skirts or leggings.

90s blouses patterns

90s blouses patterns

Womens 1990s vintage blouses – tube tops, crop tops and halter neck

There was a 70s revival back then too as there was in spring and summer 2015.In the 1990s, the emphasis was on the disco era with tube tops, crop tops and halter neck tops. In Europe and the US there was a preppy vibe. We’ll be seeing this during the autumn months with what’s been termed ‘professor chic.’

 The body

The body

Womens 1990s vintage blouses – patterns, tribal, floral and graphic

Patterns were tribal, floral and graphic and again these patterns will be making an appearance this autumn with contrasting patterns and worn together as a key trend. Although there was more emphasis on a disco revival, there were peasant blouses and this will fit perfectly with this summer’s vibe. Also think black with sheer lace fitted blouses, there was a lot of this in the 90s with a LOT of black, and the romantic Victorian gothic trend with black this autumn is a key theme.

Womens 1990s vintage blouses – plenty of trends to play with

As we’ve seen, the new looks coming this autumn and winter are perfect for 1990s vintage women’s blouses and allows you to play around with key trends, mix and matching key pieces from the past.It’s exciting and it makes fashion fun.


We know that fashions come and go and what goes around comes around – we can see that every time there’s a new season. So it’s worth checking to see what’s new for the next.

Black and laced - ready for autumn

Black and laced – ready for autumn


This way you can see whether you already have something in your wardrobe, or whether you can source it at a vintage store.You can create your own looks and work with key themes and trends on the horizon by dipping into the past for inspiration.


As the 1990s weren’t so far away, there’s a good chance that garments from this most interesting of eras are easily fitted into new trends.As the summer is still with us there’s plenty of life in a vintage blouse especially from the 1990s, so get out there and shop!




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