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A rainbow of 90s tops and vintage blouses await you at our store!

September 23, 2017

We’ve assembled a vast selection of 90s tops and 90s fashion pieces that are guaranteed to awe and inspire you. This collection will impress you – guaranteed!

If you’re looking for looking for 90s tops

Whether you are looking for 90s tops, or whether it’s that particular 90s suit style that interests you, you’ve come to the right place to get what you want


Anyone that’s lived through the 90s fashion era, will know that those were times when designers experimented boldly with style, design and colour. It was a time where everything was on the table – from fabrics to accessories – to make a designer’s fashion dream come true. As a result, a huge collection of blouses and other fashion statements were created.

Going Back To The Past


Well guess what? 90s tops and other wardrobe pieces of the 90s era have made a dramatic splash back – in a big way! Whether it’s that 90s top that you used to so admire, or a suit style from the past with a blouse to match – it’s all hip once again.


But interestingly enough, while going back to the fashion past is a real thing currently, today’s 90s tops and other collection pieces from that era aren’t just about bringing the 90s alive verbatim. For instance, designers have made allowances to ensure that the suit style mimicking the 90s doesn’t look like it’s from a bygone era.

Suits And Tops In 90s Womens Fashion

Multicolour 90s playsuit

Multicolour 90s playsuit


Subtle changes to fabrics, buttons and trimmings make that vintage suit look authentically from the 90s but yet, because of some of the design updates, the entire collection of clothes seem to fit right into your wardrobe of today.


When it comes to tops or suits from the 90s, we believe that going back to the past doesn’t mean you have to be stuck permanently there! And that’s exactly what we aim to do with our blouses and other vintage pieces from the 90s. We’re taking you back to the past – to an era where fashion innocence ruled the day – without making you feel out of place.

Blending The Past With Today


If you are looking to revive fond memories of the 90s, then you’ll truly love our collection of 90s tops & blouses and other wardrobe pieces that we have in stock for you. No matter what your current style or preferences are, or no matter what colour choices and patterns you enjoy; there’s definitely something for everyone right here.

Variety In 90s Womens Fashion

90s Chain Print Black Dress from Blue17

90s Chain Print Black Dress from Blue17


When you browse through the vast array of vintage wear that we have assembled for you, you’ll definitely feel your own creative juices flowing:


• Why not pull out that old floral scarf from the back of your closet, and match it with that vintage suit you see online?


• Browse through an incredible Blue17 collection and pick out something from the 90s that may fit well with a suit style that you prefer


• Dust out those skirts that you seldom wear, and pair them up with a vintage shirt or matching blouses

90s Tops In 90s Fashion


But you don’t have to stop at mixing and matching 90s tops with today’s clothing line-ups in order to make the 90s relevant again for your wardrobe.


Whether it’s something from the Blue17 line-up, a collection of tops that you’ve been eying for a while, or an accessory that you want for a particular suit style you plan on wearing for a special occasion; use your creativity to blend something from the 90s with whatever you prefer today, and they’ll still make like a match made in heaven!

Animal And Floral Prints In 90s Outfits

animal print mini dress from Blue17

Animal print mini dress from Blue17


You can match the animal or floral patterns of 90s tops, and team them with statement jewellery pieces that are popular today, to make an ensemble that seems retro, but contemporary at the same time.


That vintage suit with patterned pants or trousers can go well with a contemporary belt from a Blue17 collection. In fact, you can use colour, style, design and fabric from the 90s, and pair them up with any of your contemporary pieces, to give your wardrobe a brand new look.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Choosing 90s tops that compliment your today’s wardrobe isn’t something that you should do overnight. Nor is it a style decision that you should take lightly. Take your time to browse through our entire vintage suit and top collection; and then match each piece with an existing item in your wardrobe.


Play around with colour and fabric, making sure that a 90s top that you like fits well with something you already have in your wardrobe – like that Denim jacket or jeans. Let your imagination run wild and there’s no telling what you might come up with!


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