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Vintage plaid skirts

June 12, 2015

If we mention plaid skirts and then vintage plaid skirts, and then invoke images of New Year with kilted hosts, or a little old lady with a snow white hair bun and knee length plaid skirt, then do not fear. Plaid is nowhere near as old fashioned as that, it can look really good, depending on how you wear it of course.

Vintage plaid skirts – a million different ways

Plaid can be worn in a million different ways, and it doesn’t have to look like you raided your grandmother’s closet. Plaid’s been worn long, short, straight and flared, and although it’s not normally something you’d associate with summer, if you want to wear plaid through the warmer months, and you’re not keen on summer colours, then give it a try. You can opt for sleek and sophisticated, grungy and Goth, or casual with a tee and flats.


We know that Vivienne Westwood loved plaid and it certainly has a fascinating history going back centuries. However, if you want to wear this most interesting of patterns, you need to have some idea of what you’re going to match it with, your body shape and finally your hair colouring. Certain plaids aren’t going to go with certain skin colours, so be careful you choose something that flatters your skin tone, rather than one that’ll make you look ghoulish or sickly.

Vivienne Westwood – plaid, bustles and handkerchief hem lines

Yes, Vivienne has always had a respect for the events of history and the influences of specific events on fashion. Plaid has always had a special place in her designs and if you’re looking for a Vintage plaid skirt that’s just that little bit different from the norm, and still lets you rock the plaid look, then vintage Westwood plaid is something to aim for.


They often come with bustles and handkerchief hemlines, so your body shape will influence how well this is going to look. Tall and long is good for bustles, if you’re short and shapely then go for something a little more straight and slim-line.Keep in mind that Westwood has done a lot of plaid over the years, there are some gorgeous ones around, pink and short, tweed, pleated and short, black and white. So if you want to go vintage Westwood, then there’s plenty of choice.

Vintage plaid skirts-Sixties plaid and black

Whenever I think of plaid I always have a particular look in mind, combed back hair Bardot style, with a fringe, black tights, black turtle neck sweater and some winged eyeliner, red lips and a plaid tartan red mini with knee high black boots. I’m not entirely sure where this look originated, but I know it’s effective. And although it has a 60s flavour, it still looks fresh. I think it’s one look that always manages to look good in both autumn and winter.

Vintage plaid skirts-Summer plaid

Although it’s the sort of print and fabric you’d normally associate with the colder months of the year, plaid can work in the summer. As we’ve already seen, Vintage plaid skirts come in many different shapes and lengths, the dirndl skirt, with full skirt and sometimes with pockets, creates a striking look with a white tee and flat shoes, espadrilles or sandals.

Or how about a shorter length plaid, again with sandals, flats and a tee?

Vintage plaid skirts-Vintage plaid

When choosing Vintage plaid skirts, the trends of the past can give your wardrobe a fresh new feel that’s both unique and different. It can be worn in a million different ways and can create some really striking looks, as long as you remember to only mix and match Vintage plaid skirts with plainer tops and accessories, rather than clash it with other patterns.