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90s Clothes Trends That Are Making a Comeback!

July 30, 2022

90s clothes trends are timeless! Check out some of those that we think are worth the resurgence! You can also slay them in 2022 without looking unfashionable

Reminiscing 90s Clothes Trends Fashion Ideas

We’d constantly relive the 90s because it was an era of whirlwind fashion styles, trends, and sensations. We had an exciting time watching our celebrities slay on and off the red carpet giving us reasons to tune in to our TV and get those fashion magazines! Well, that’s probably the reason we constantly get to see the resurgence of 90s clothes trends in fashion than other decades.

Naomi Campbell 1997

Naomi Campbell 1997
Kingkongphoto & from Laurel Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of the biggest icons like Supermodel Naomi Campbell (with her evergreen fashion sense) and effortlessly stunning Winona Ryder helped define the 1990s fashion culture. They made it something to look forward to. We’d also never forget Princess Diana and her gorgeous “Revenge Dress.” I mean, there are just so many notable fashion moments.


Concerning ‘what goes around comes around,’ we are to expect some fashion karma and revolution. However, this perfectly-working fashion cycle is dominated by 90s Clothes trends. This is undoubtedly NOT A MISTAKE! ‘90s clothes are cool! Crop tops, wide-leg pants, oversized t-shirts, dungarees -and many more still rule to date.


So here’s the deal -not all the 90s Clothes trends have resurged. Does this mean not all of them are worth it? NO! That’s not true! There are more yet to be remade. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping to get them back with a bang!


We’ll look at twenty 90s clothes and trends that deserve a comeback in this post. Some may be appearing everywhere already, but we’ll still do good by recognizing them.


NOTE: The items mentioned in this post will include clothes and accessories from the ‘90s.

Top 10 90s Fashion Accessories Worth a Comeback in 2022!

eenager wearing wide leg flared jeans, Brooklyn, NY

eenager wearing wide leg flared jeans, Brooklyn, NY

1.   Flared Jeans

Loose silhouettes were stylish in the 90s. So before skinny jeans became our everyday denim choice, we had flared jeans reigning supreme. These wide-leg pants were highly favored because they were easy to style and were comfortable. You could wear it as a  casual daywear outfit and still rock it as a show-stopper at night.


Flared jeans are easily styled by pairing them with a crop top or an oversized t-shirt for a modern and minimalist look. Although we already see this more often than before, it’s necessary to know that they didn’t get discovered recently.


Our Verdict: We’d love to see more of this trend. It’s easy to sport, and we hope it is back to endure another decade.

90s Clothes Trends - Jane Leeves in blue slip dress at the Emmy Awards, 1995

Jane Leeves in blue slip dress at the Emmy Awards, 1995

2.   90s Clothes Trends – Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were ‘undergarments’ which became the hot ‘outerwear’. So instead of them being worn underneath thin-layered and see-through dresses, they became the main outfits. This started in the 90s, and we still incorporate the trend into our closet today.


The trend became very popular, and we had our hottest female celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. Don’t get it all wrong; we love these slip dresses. Icons Sarah Jessica Parker, SJK showed us how to rock it flawlessly. She would pair it with a single strapped pair of sandal heels in a monochrome shade. That look was to die for!


It’s frank to say that slip dresses are elegant and classy. To rock this trend today, layering it with oversized blazers or sweaters is a good idea. Otherwise, a pair of boots or converse sneakers should make the outfit casual yet chic.


Our Verdict: Definitely a keeper! For the fabrics, choose silk or cotton slip dresses.

Cylists in cycling clothes_Bike race

Cylists in cycling clothes_Bike race.
ludovic from Guissény. (Bretagne, Finistère), France, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

3.   Bike Shorts

Princess Diana took this piece of clothing to another level! No one styled athleisure the way she would. Today, her style remains a major inspiration to many influencers.


Meanwhile, there are many smart ways to style iconic bike shorts. For an elevated look, sport it with an oversized belted blazer or belted bag. A large t-shirt or button-down shirt and fanny pack is a top choice for a casual aesthetic.


Our Verdict: Keep it casual or classy; bike shorts should be a part of your closet!

90s Clothes Trends - Crop top and mini skirt

Crop top and mini skirt

4.   Crop Tops

Crop tops were a staple in the 90s era. They’ve been in trend for so long that we can no longer keep actual track. The belly shirts come in different designs, cuts, sizes, and shapes. With this, there is no age limit to rocking a crop top.


You’d find pop idols like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera rocking them on the stage and red carpet. Meanwhile, ‘just fans’ like us would style them to high school dances or during summer breaks.


In the 90s, styling crop tops were basically pairing them with a pair of jeans. We’d cop this idea in 2022 but make it look more sophisticated by matching them with skirts, cargo pants, or wide-leg pants.


Our Verdict: it’s not a terrible idea! It’s undoubtedly worth a resurgence.

5.   90s Clothes Trends – Little Black Dress, LBD

Fashion influencers advise that every lady has an LBD in her closet. It is a simple closet staple and does not require much styling to look elegant. All thanks to Jennifer Aniston, who made this her signature look and influenced many other celebrities. She served us multiple LBD looks from which we got inspired. Nevertheless, Naomi Campbell made it more prevalent by influencing the fundamental ‘It-girl’ outing attire.


To switch things up from classy to street/casual, sport the LBD with a pair of sneakers or boots.


Our Verdict: LBD is fabulous! It is a classic foundational look, so it deserves the epic attention it’s getting today.

Jonathan Brandis, 1993 in a Ventura Blvd diner in Los Angelesi

Jonathan Brandis, 1993 in a Ventura Blvd diner in Los Angelesi

6.   Plaid Flannel Shirts

If you’re a fan of grunge aesthetics, you’d be glad to have flannel shirts back! The 90s flannel look was adopted by both men and women worldwide. The fabric was praised by many because of its softness. Since laidback fashion was all the rage then, the trend lasted for quite a long time.


Today, we get to style flannel in different ways. The easiest way to wear flannel button-up shirts is to throw them on a pair of baggy or skinny jeans. This is also the most common way it was worn in the 90s.


An additional chic manner of rocking it is to tie it around your waist while wearing your favorite tee. This is quite feminine and comfortable.


Our Verdict: It can be worn as simple daywear. No wonder it was one of the most popular ‘90s clothes. Very worthy!

7.   Overalls

Depending on the fashion statement you want to make, overalls are cool and comfortable pieces to wear. Both men and women can wear it in various ways. In the 90s, celebrities like Will Smith brought out the best in it by styling it in unique ways. If you wanted to be cool like him, you’d have to let one side stay undone.


Wear a tight-fitting t-shirt or turtleneck underneath the sleeveless denim jumpsuit for a casual look. You can also choose to add layers by wearing a flannel shirt on it. Finish the look with a pair of converse sneakers or Doc Marten boots.


Our Verdict: Classic and trendy! We love it!


Other 90s Clothes Trends – accessories;

8.   Chokers

The ‘90s trendsetters certainly hit it big with Chokers! They were a must-have fashion accessory because they could make any outfit look cool even if it was initially tacky.


Chokers are available in a variety of designs. So instead of the plain drop chain necklace, you can wear leather, lace, beaded, or stretchy tattoo choker.


Our Verdict: It’s a valuable piece of jewelry. Get one if you don’t already have it!

570px - Girl wearing scrunchie at the town square feeding a pigeon, 1993

570px – Girl wearing scrunchie at the town square feeding a pigeon, 1993.
JaneArt, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

9.   Scrunchies

For a statement 90s clothes trend accessory, opt for a hair scrunchie. They are cute but handy and gentle on the hair. Its popularity increased when it repeatedly appeared on TV shows like Full House and Friends.


Today we have scrunchies available in many designs like satin, headband, and scrunchies with tails. We even use scrunchies as bracelets by wearing them over our wrists. Cool, right?!


Our Verdict: Rock these scrunchies! There’s no shame in being cute! Hilary Clinton made it so when she rocked hers!


10.  Hoop Earrings

Although hoop earrings were a 90s trend, they are a timeless fashion item. The 90s was an era for bold accessories, and large and medium hoop earrings were appreciated.


Popstar Jennifer Lopez was a well-known fan of the earrings and would rock them with formal and casual outfits.


Hoop earrings come in beautiful designs apart from round-shaped rings.


Our Verdict:  We love J-Lo, so we undoubtedly love the hoops!


What’s More in 90s Clothes Trends ? A Piece of Advice!

If you’re looking for ways to step up your fashion game, consider these trends from the ‘90s. They’re chic and classy!


We love the 90s clothes and complementing accessories! What’s more than adding a spice of vintage to our wardrobe? They’re totally welcome!


There’s hardly any 90s Clothes trends we detest. They deserve to resurface with better designs and revolution. As contradictory as it may sound, we advise you ‘stay fashion-forward with ‘90s clothes and trends!’