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Unlike other decades – will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018 and beyond?

August 8, 2018

Given the huge revolution going on in the fashion industry today, and all the latest fads and crazes going viral, everyone is asking; will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018?


Pundits that predicted the comeback of 1960s fashion, and then 1970s fashion trends, have always been “somewhat right” in their fashion industry forecasts. However, the answer to the question: will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018? may actually surprise you.


Punk Girl with Lollipop

Punk Girl with Lollipop. By D. Sharon Pruitt [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

An era most perplexing for a comeback!

The 80s was indeed a unique era for fashion trends.  Glitzy hairdos, broad shoulders, lots of shiny leather, ragged acid washed jeans and frayed denim jackets – these were what epitomised 80s fashion. Hardly fashion industry trends that would inspire a resurgence today – or so one might think. But it is precisely those glammed looks, the iridescent fabrics and the bold shoulders that are now being seen on catwalks and fashion stages – even as 2018 gets well under way.


While we may be perplexed by some of what we saw back in the 80s, it’s not sufficient to say that those trends will never be revived. Fanny packs, Leopard coats, Neon hair and sneakers…all of these are iconic 80s trends – and because they are so “bold”, they might seem out of place today. But are they really?


So, as we get set to answer the question: Will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018, lets for a minute park all the “fashion outrageousness” of that decade aside. And, as we explore the possibility of an 80s fashion comeback, lets take a look at what’s really going across the 2018 fashion line-ups.

80s fashion industry comeback stalwarts

So, with movements like #MeToo and #Time’sUp in the news 24×7, largely driven by Hollywood and fashion industry icons from the 80s and the 90s, will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018? Or will fashion from that bygone era prove too “painful” to resurrect? The answers to those questions are indeed very encouraging for the resurgence of 80s fashion – despite (and some would say – BECAUSE of) the trending movements.

Will 80s fashion make a comeback – Marc Jacobs

Take American fashion designer and legend Marc Jacobs, for instance. Back in 1978, Jacobs walked down the path to fame, when he struck up his famous friendship with another fashion industry legend – Perry Ellis at the tender age of 15! The business of fashion has never been the same, and the legacy that Marc Jacobs brings continues to live on. His years as Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton gave him a lot of experience and exposure, and those skills are now seen in his personal label, even today.


From perfumes to watches, and from backpacks and fanny packs and sunglasses – chances are that if you walk into over 200 retail stores across 80 countries today, you’re likely to see the Marc label prominently displayed on a range of products!

Will 80s fashion make a comeback – Tom Ford Fall 2018 event

At the Tom Ford Fall 2018 event during the New York Fashion Week recently, iconic 80’s glam star Cindy Crawford had her look-alike bringing back 80s style in force. Anyone looking at Kaia Gerber could easily have been transported back into the 80s! Fashions from Marc Jacobs was prominently featured, with their 80’s hues and unmistakeable bold shoulders.


But if you were wondering: will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018? This year’s Fall collections also had many other prominent designers fanning the flames of the 80s, including Simone Rocha, Sonia Rykiel and many others. These contemporary fashion industry stalwarts took inspiration from the past, and turned back the clock to the 1980s, giving us a hint as to whether 80s fashion is still relevant in 2018!


Legs with fishnetstockings and high heels.

Legs with fishnetstockings and high heels. By Juhu  [CC BY-SA 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons

Will 80s fashion make a comeback – More than just fanny packs

80s fashion came with a lot of diversity. It was an era, much like what we are experiencing in 2018. Back then, Margaret Thatcher was a symbol of British hope and strength, and the fashion industry came to equate her grit and determination with the 80s wide-shouldered, single-coloured power suits. The world faces similar turmoil and upheaval today, and it seems like more than just fanny packs from the 80s are making a comeback.


We’re seeing 80s fashion trends like Mini Skirts, Huge Earrings and Leg Warmers all over town. Even Track Suits from the 80s are making a comeback – with Jeremy Corbyn famously wearing his 80s-era piece about town. So, given all of these developments, both within fashion industry circles, as well as out and about in every day life, it’s easy to answer the question: will 80s fashion make a comeback in 2018?


The answer is really simple: 80s fashion has already made a comeback! Everything that’s going on within the fashion world in 2018, points to an undeniable fact that 80s fashion is having a revival, and it looks as though those trends are set to continue throughout 2018 and beyond!


So, reach at the back of your wardrobe and dust out your fanny packs and your neon shell suits. It’s time for you to follow the lead of today’s fashion industry leaders, like Marc Jacobs and others, and turn back the clock to the Outrageous 80s!

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