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80s Casual Clothing Makes a Comeback

July 19, 2018

The early 1980s were a lot more tame than people may think. It wasn’t until the mid 80s when singers like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna ushered in a whole new era of fashion. The subdued looks slowly vanished amongst teens and young adults, and soon came colour – plenty of it! 80s clothing included light washed high waisted jeans, bright skirts, skin-tight spandex, headbands, bum bags, and more! Today we’re sharing how to put together the perfect 80s casual clothing look.


Casual 80s wear from Blue17 vintage


Channel Your 80s Casual Clothing Alter Ego with Bold Colors


80s layered skirt, pleated top , bum bag and printed jacket


Creating your ideal 80s casual clothing look is all about being creative, colourful, and bold. Teased hair, loud makeup, and neon are all your friends! Our model, Ali, is loving her bright aqua-blue frilly knee-length skirt, gold bum bag and patterned 80s cardigan. She’s letting her curly locks run wild and accessorizing with the perfect bandana and slip on 80s heels. Want to make a bigger statement with your 80s Casual Clothing ? Try adding shoulder pads to give your look a powerful 80s punch. You could even add fingerless gloves if you want to fully embrace 80s accessories! Don’t feel like rockin’ heels? Switch it up with some classic 80s Chuck Taylors. Remember, the main accessory to have is a spunky attitude. Own your look and embrace your uniqueness! The 80s were all about fun and dance, so don’t be afraid to bust a funky move when you’re rocking your 80s casual clothing.


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