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Take A Look At The 80s Clothes Resurgence In Eighties Wear Style Trends

June 18, 2018

There is renewed interest in the fashions, movies and TV shows of the 80s and we see a reboot in all these aspects, especially in 80s clothes. So, take a walk on the wild side of the 80s and rework 80s fashion today!

80s clothes never looked so good as when we curate the top trends from that decade and give them a fresh new spin for today.


Are you nostalgic for 80s clothes, movies, books, TV and icons? You are not alone. We are seeing a renewed interest in all things 80s, from 80s fashion, to cult TV shows like “Magnum P.I.” and “MacGuyver”, to the timeless icons of the era, with new Prince music being released, and Madonna still dropping new tunes.


80s clothes are especially having a moment now, with Bella and Gigi Hadid rocking high-waisted mom jeans, to shoulder pads making a comeback in today’s structured suits and moto jackets, to the power dressing of celebrities looking to make a statement, to the rocking of 80s fancy dress for costume-themed events from Halloween to house parties. Take a walk down memory lane and look back at the iconic trends of 80s clothes and be inspired to bring those styles into your everyday wardrobe!



Take A Look At The 80s Clothes Resurgence In Eighties Wear Style Trends

Blue17 High waisted jeans

High waisted jeans

Denim was a key trend in 80s clothes and its staying power is self-evident…you see denim continue to be a strong trend today and for future seasons.

Throwback trends from the 80s that are rocking the catwalks and high streets today include pale wash jeans with high waists and either flared or tapered legs, worn pegged ala 80s fashion, over sneakers or high-heeled white ankle boots.


To complete the look, top off your high-waisted jeans with tight cropped tops, anything from slogan white T-shirts knotted around your waist, to athleisure-style spandex tops with zippers down the front and racing stripes down the sides.


And finish it all with reflective sunnies and a fanny pack worn as a belt bag, and not only are you totally rocking 80s clothes, but you are also showing you are so very in the know on how to wear the 80s trend for today.


Take A Look At The 80s Clothes Resurgence In Eighties Wear Style Trends

80s Shoulder pads fashion

80s clothes – Shoulder pads in everything

A look back at 80s clothes shows us shoulder pads in everything from form-fitting mini dresses with long, puffy-shouldered sleeves, to one-shoulder tops with an exaggerated out-to-there padding in the single long sleeve, to leather jackets ala Michael Jackson in red and black, to the sequined, satin or lycra evening gowns worn Dallas or Dynasty style. And let’s not forget the shoulder pads in animal print blouses or sparkly knit sweaters – they were everywhere!


So how to rock the look in the Twenty Tens, you ask?   With the same confidence and attitude that imbued 80s clothes and 80s trend-setters: look for slightly less obvious yet just as impactful shoulder pads in the tuxedo suits of today, worn with fitted jackets, sharp shoulders and skinny cigarette pants. You see these suits on all the stars rocking the red carpet, so make the leap and invest in a timeless tuxedo suit that fits like a glove and has sharp shoulder pads.


Another way to use the trend to emphasize a narrow waist and strong shoulders is to look for shoulder pads in today’s moto jackets, which come in all colours of the rainbow and in all fabrications, from styles that keep you stylishly warm in winter, to light layers for cool summer nights. The shoulder pads are discreet yet powerful enough to add structure and shape to a wardrobe staple.


80s power dressing style

80s power dressing style

80s clothes – Power dressing for the masses

Think Margaret Thatcher in her strong, statement-making suits with big shoulders, double-breasted jackets and pencil skirts to see power dressing in all its 80s fashion and style. Now bring that look into today and wear it to walk your own halls of power, whether in the corner office or on the sidewalk of your city.


Power dressing is all about a play on the essence of structured style, whether via the traditional top-to-toe coordinated pant or skirt suit, or through more eclectic selections of sharply-constructed sheath dresses, coat dresses with shoulder pads in strong solid colours like red or navy, blazer and pant complimentary combinations or blouse and skirt dressing with an emphasis on neutral colours, heavy fabrications and sophisticated tailoring.


You don’t need to be in the C-suite to rock power dressing – look for the key elements of structure, weighted fabric, padding in the shoulders, belts and buttons that provide eye interest and a sleek, sophisticated style that you can wear from day to night with a quick change of accessories and shoes. See everyone from First Ladies to British Royals rock the power dressing look!

80s fashion fancy dress style

Plan your next themed party or festival on 80s clothes, or maybe pick 80s fashion for your next Jack-and-Jill, bridal shower or other special event, and find all kinds of 80s fancy dress ideas either online at sites like Etsy, Amazon and the like, or at your nearest costume or thrift store. You will find masses of ideas for men and women, ranging from head-to-toe 80s clothes and fancy dress, to wigs, accessories and great dress-up ideas that will guarantee you stand out from the crowd!


Take a walk down memory lane where baggy sweatshirts were worn off one shoulder and over spandex leggings topped with neon-bright leg warmers and global music icons from Madonna to Michael Jackson rocked out of boom-boxes on every street corner. Rock the looks of Cyndi Lauper, Boy George or the A-Team and you’ll fit right into that 80s fashion fancy dress party style!


You have so many trend-setting icons to choose from, whether it’s the vast and varied styles of Madonna, from her innocent “Like a Virgin” white lace tops to her wicked and wonderful cone bra tops, you will never run out of style inspiration with Madge. Or go with the 80s clothes worn by the ladies on TV shows like “Dynasty” and “Dallas” and wear your hair big and bouffant, with over-the-top glam dresses in bright colours with lots of embellishments.


Blue17 rock style 80s dressing

Blue17 rock style 80s dressing

Eighties Fashion Rock Style

And let’s not forget the punk rock and heavy metal styles of Adam Ant, MC Hammer, Metallica, U2 and more! Rock the 80s fashion trends of these trend-setters with parachute pants, Doc Martins, big jackets draped with plenty of hardware and a “You Can’t Touch This” attitude!


Then there were the athletic styles made universal by Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John, who rocked spandex body suits, leggings, leg warmers, head bands and everything in bright and clashing colours. You don’t need to be at the gym or dance studio to rock these looks at your next fancy dress party – 80s clothes for sale are easily available everywhere and you can give them your own personal style by choosing the colours and combinations that work for you.


The ubiquitous white T-shirt is a quick and easy way to bring 80s clothes into your fancy dress outfit.   Just pick a tee that has a big slogan on it, wear it long and loose over leggings or knot it up at your waist and wear it over a tutu mini skirt over leggings – either way, the T-shirt is back so you can actually rock this look for everyday if you wanted to. Don’t forget to pull it off one shoulder for your 80s fancy dress party to really show your 80s love!

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