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The Best Vintage 80s Fashion Styles That Rock Even Today

March 17, 2018

Some of the best vintage 80s fashion styles have lived on through the decades, becoming so popular that they have gone down in fashion history for all to mimic even today

If you are looking for fashion ideas that will rock your world, then the best vintage 80s fashion styles are worth emulating


The best of 80s women’s fashion and 1980s style never did fade away.  You can wear a great retro outfit to an 80s fashion party that brings back the vintage fashion of that decade, or you can rework the 1980 fashion trends with a modern spin to bring the look into the digital age.


80s costume party style ideas


Here are some great ways to incorporate the best vintage 80s fashion styles into your parties:


vintage 80s fashion styles - party outfits, 80s evening dress

80s evening dress


  • A party outfit with an 80s theme would rock a high waisted stone-washed pair of jeans with a cropped slogan tee knotted at your waist, neon yellow pumps, finger gloves in black leather and a polka dot floppy bow in your hair – all very Madonna circa 80s and 90s fashion.


  • Or give the Sloane Ranger preppy look a whirl with a long sleeved demure lace-trimmed white blouse tucked into a dark blue pleated skirt with a sky-blue cable-knit cardigan knotted around your shoulders.   Add a pair of flat brown loafers and you will embody the early years of Princess Diana.Retro fashion 80s style is all about bright colours, layers of clothes and big, big hair.   Go for the Jane Fonda look with black lycra leggings topped with colourful horizontal striped leg warmers, a neon sweat band holding back teased and sprayed hair, a cropped top knotted at your waist and bright blue eye shadow complimenting neon yellow nails.


  • Finally, no vintage fashion look with 1980s style would be complete without the big shoulders of the Dynasty power suits and dresses ala Joan Collins.   Wear a power suit in a bright colour with massive shoulder pads and a pussy bow blouse or pick a glittery silver or gold long sleeved dress with shoulders out to there and a plunging neckline to create a mermaid shape.

Bring The best vintage 80s fashion styles into Today’s World

You can bring fashion history into the present by reworking 80s and 90s fashion with a modern flair.  The trick is to combine retro fashion 80s style with contemporary trends into a cohesive look.   Here are some ways to do that:


  • Take an 80s summer outfit like acid wash jeans but make sure the cut is current with either a girlfriend fit or a skinny ripped leg.    Add a cropped white slogan tee layered over a contrasting coloured tank.  Then finish with a classic pair of white runners and tie your hair back in a bright spotted bow scarf and you are done!


  • Shoulder pads are back today but not as big as 1980s style.   Wear them in silky long sleeved blouses tucked into high waisted jeans with sky high heels.


  • You can also style your outfits 80s fashion by embellishing your denim jackets with patches or pins, the more the better.    Whether you add your own patches and pins or buy it fully embellished, go with a light shade of denim to bring out the best vintage 80s fashion styles


  • 1980 fashion trends included mirrored shades so buy a pair in bright reflective neon blue or green and rock them this summer.

  • No 80s outfit would be complete without a pair of white ankle boots and they are so right now!   You can wear them with mini shift dresses or cropped flared pants – they look good with anything.


  • Vintage 80s fashion styles come alive with gold lame – rock the look today with a gold lame tank thrown casually over a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers, or a gold lame wrap dress worn with knee high flat boots to toughen up the look.


  • 80s and 90s fashion loved the look of sequins and you can bring the look back by pairing a sequined pencil skirt with a chunky cable knit sweater, opaque tights and ankle boots.   The key to keeping it modern is to use sequins in only one piece of clothing or one accessory and keep the rest of the look casual and cosy.


  • Ruffles are very retro fashion 80s style but you can bring them into the digital age by pairing a ruffled blouse or a top with ruffled sleeves with a high waisted skinny cropped pant that shows off your ankles in high-heeled pumps.


  • Another 80s outfit that is very much back today is the body suit.   Wear one with a pair of skinny jeans for a date night out and throw on a couple of layers of pearls to complete that 80s vibe.


Finally, some of the best vintage 80s fashion styles revolve around Roll neck sweaters worn under plaid jackets with big shoulders. These are throwbacks to fashion history but still very classic – wear a black roll neck sweater under a grey plaid jacket with a pair of dark wash jeans and you embody the Brook Shields look of 80s women’s fashion with the cool of street style today.


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Berets and gloves, 1988

Power styling of the 80s

Vintage brands – the famous wayfarer on Madonna in Desp.Seeking Susan

1980s ripped vintage jeans.