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Some amazing 80s womens clothes that are making a comeback today

September 6, 2018

There are so many amazing 80s womens clothes that have made 80s fashion timeless. From animal prints to bright colours, we take a close look at just a few of them.


Some of the most amazing 80s womens clothes are making a splashing comeback today. 80s theme fashion is even inspiring top fashion designers on runways and red carpets. Let’s take a closer look at some 80s fashion sensations!


Tina turner, 1985

Tina turner, 1985


Amazing 80s womens clothes flashback

The 80s is known as the decade of Excesses – and it’s easy to see why 80s fashion got that moniker. That’s because the decade came to embrace bold styles, large silhouettes, bright colours and oversized jackets and blazers. Along the way, we also encountered power dresses, animal prints and shoulder pads that made for some pretty amazing 80s womens clothes!


Powerful women, like Cher, Madonna and Tina Turner jumped right into the mix, making women’s fashion in the 80s all the more amazing. They made an indelible impression through their 80s costume line-ups. From oversized trench coats, to outerwear disguised as underwear, they created a string of amazing 80s womens clothes as a result.


Today, if you were invited for a vintage theme party, chances are that you will see many of your fellow-guests donning costumes from the eighties. That’s because, not only is 80s fashion simple to emulate – for a fancy dress event – but it’s also making a comeback. That makes your 80s theme costume both vintage and contemporary simultaneously!

Amazing 80s womens clothes - Cher live-1981

Cher live-1981


Our amazing 80s womens clothes line-up

When pulling together any 80s costume line-up, you need to consider many factors that warrant a particular entries inclusion. For instance, if the list is about famous party dress pieces, then many business-casual dresses may not make it into the list. If you are talking about popular 80s Halloween Party costumes, then leisure and sportswear might be inappropriate to include.


The amazing 80s womens clothes that we’re discussing here include a mix of 80s raunchy wear, along with some not-so- risqué looks. But all of the amazing 80s theme outfits we talk about here have one common thread: You can easily pull off these tantalizing 80s fashion looks by combining vintage with contemporary wardrobe pieces.

So, here goes!

Amazing 80s womens clothes - Starla Sterling, bodysuit look

Starla Sterling, bodysuit look


  • Amazing 80s womens clothes – The Classic Bodysuit Look


The bodysuit is one of our amazing 80s womens clothes line-ups that is ever so popular – eve today. And it’s simple to create that 80s theme look using contemporary pieces from your wardrobe. You can easily take an 80s single-piece swimsuit, and then repurpose it as part of your contemporary streetwear. All you now need is a pair of Skinny or slim bootcut jeans and an open top jacket to finish your look!


  • The Underwear/Outerwear Look


Sometimes, it’s good to ditch the shoulder pads and the power dresses, and just let your hair hang lose. If you aren’t too bashful about baring it, you could add some spice to your 80s theme party with a Madonna-like look. All you need is a dark-coloured Bustier or a lace Corset to pull it off. You could wear a pair of high waisted jeans with your outfit – just to make it slightly less risqué.


Some amazing 80s womens clothes that are making a comeback today

Brooke Shields, 1983


  • The Girl Next Door Look


Some amazing 80s womens clothes weren’t as salacious as the ones fashion diva Madonna or Cher were seen in. If you want your look for an eighties theme party to be more “subdued” and PG13’ish, then you could try the Girl Next Door look popularized by 80s glamour girl Brooke Shields.


Pulling it off will need a checked blazer, which you could layer over a white shirt that you could wear on top of a roll-neck. This party dress could be made complete with either a plaid checked skirt, or even a pair of dark 80s dress pants.

Some amazing 80s womens clothes that are making a comeback today

Justine bateman – 1987


  • The Unforgettable Shoulder Pad Look


When it comes to talking about amazing 80s womens clothes that made a lasting impression, shoulder pads have to factor into the mix. Back then, Joan Collins and our very own Princess Di were associated with shoulder pads. Today, celebs of all stripes, from Jennifer Hudson to Rihanna, are supporting the wide-shouldered look.


In fact, more recent use of the broad-shoulder was in the red-carpet part dress in which Dakota Johnson and Meryl Steep stepped out in. And this look is really simple to pull off. Just take any contemporary top jacket or blazer, and then sew the biggest shoulder pads you can get your hands on into both shoulders – and you’re all done!

This 80s costume look can easily be pulled off with high waisted jeans or pants, and then finished off with a pair of Granny Boots.


  • Amazing 80s womens clothes – The Party-girl Look


Some of the most amazing 80s womens clothes revolve around fun times. If you are invited to a Halloween party, and wanted to really turn heads (literally and figuratively speaking!), then we’ve got a party dress idea for you!


Head to your nearest Thrift store and get a black/white stripped blazer. Then look for a similarly stripped pair of pants. You’re almost there! Finish your 80s fancy dress look by painting your face white, and then wearing a pair of your contemporary high-boots.


You could even pull this off by wearing a black-and-white stripped dress. You’ll be Ms. Beetlejuice for the rest of the night. Best thing: Pulling this 80s costume idea is dead simple (pun intended)!

Amazing 80s womens clothes - Photograph of Serena Grandi, 1983

Photograph of Serena Grandi, 1983

Amazing 80s womens clothes – Blast from the past

From bright colours neon wigs, to shoulder pads and repurposed undies – some of the most amazing 80s womens clothes included elements of them all. The eighties were an era where everyone wanted to make a big fashion statement. That’s one reason that it was dubbed the era of Fashion Excess.


And 80s fashion is becoming popular once more today. The revival of pop culture and punk bands has meant that the blast from the past is once more in vogue. From high waisted jeans to Granny Boots, you’ll see them all at rock concerts and punk events. Even high-end fashion labels are capitalizing on this 80s revival to design contemporary-styled 80s theme pieces.


But if you don’t want to go out and spend a fortune on an 80s costume, recreating that blast from the past isn’t all that difficult. All you need to do is use some creativity and imagination. By repurposing some items from current fashion trends, and pairing them with 80s theme pieces, you’ll create your very own version of amazing 80s womens clothes!


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