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Vintage Womens 80s jackets

June 3, 2015

What’s so special about Vintage Womens 80s jackets? Should we be eager to go out and buy one and why?Think stone wash denim, colourful ski jackets, power dressing and fitted jackets with padded shoulders. Yes, we’re talking yuppies, colour and stone wash and you don’t have to wear these in isolation, creating some sort of mishmash of looks all at the same time.

Womens 80s jacket styles

Take something old and make it new again…

Good quality Vintage Womens 80s jackets can be worn in a myriad of different ways and it is up to you how you choose to wear them.


Again as with any vintage item, a good quality vintage garment can be adapted to a more contemporary look, rolling sleeves, adding belts and jewellery and with a little thought and imagination you can make anything happen.


Arguably, this decade did have its extremes and for many it’s not always their favourite decade, apart from stonewash denim, we’re looking at batwing sleeves, tropical patterns and shoulder pads and yes, it was a little avant garde, but no less worthy of reinvention like other past decades, in the 21st century fashion mind-set.

80s jacket styles

Power Blazers – this is where you start thinking Margaret Thatcher, but do not despair, any blazer from the 80s can look quite cool depending on what you wear it with. But don’t think skirts and pants – think high waisted shorts, skinny jeans, and tiny, skimpy dresses underneath. Roll the sleeves up, keep the buttons open.


Batwing sleeved jacket – think pencil skirts and skinny jeans, and heels and colour coordinate, or try clashing prints and fabrics and wear with a vintage batwing jacket and it won’t look out of place with daring prints.


Leather – like denim, leather came in some daring shapes and fits, cropped, with or without padded shoulders (although mostly with) and of course, those ubiquitous batwing sleeves. You may find this is one sort of 80s jacket that you’ll be steering clear of, but as with all other batwing sleeved jackets, you can still rock the look today in the 21st century worn with contemporary accessories that can help bring it right up to date, and give you a thoroughly hip retro look.


Vintage stonewash denim & 80s denim – now there’s a look, denim jackets came with shoulder pads, stonewash, fringes or rolled up sleeves. In this decade they were invariably baggy rather than close fitting, but they can be altered if you really want, but you can keep it loose in keeping with 80s trends too, if this is what you prefer. A good quality stonewash jacket, especially a cropped one can look every bit as good today with anything you currently have in your wardrobe. We’re talking body con dresses, skinny jeans and the current trend for A line dresses with a fluted skirt.


Windbreaker or sports jacket – Whatever name that springs to mind for this type of jacket is straight out of the 80s and isn’t for everyone. It’s typical of its decade, with lurid colours and a shiny fabric.


There were some pretty daring colour combinations and patterns for these jackets and only the brave should wear them. Although in their time, they were worn with matching pants (yes, I know), you’ll be relieved to know that if you do fancy this sort of thing, there is no solid rule you should have to wear them this way. Wear them with something that carries a solid colour, skinny jeans or pants are a good idea.


However you decide to wear your Vintage Womens 80s jackets, you must follow your heart and do what feels comfortable, rock the shoulder pads and the batwing sleeves and just do your own thing.


If you’re looking for a new jacket and you love vintage, then you may be looking for a particular decade.If you love a particular style and cut, and the fabrics, colours and shape of Womens 80s jackets for instance, then you’re probably looking for padding, sequins and plenty of colour.

Our top pick of Womens 80s jackets

Jackets were both cropped and long during this period, and there was a variety of different styles in accordance to whichever trend was in fashion at the time.Over the course of the 80s we had new wave, new romantic, power dressing and minimalist styles.


New Romantic jackets included hussar styles with gold braiding and with a military element, cropped bolero-style, preppy new wave and padded and cropped with sparkle, or several bright colours. Oh and don’t forget those tracksuit jackets…perhaps one area you don’t wish to explore.If you’re looking for 80s colour read up on the choices available…..

Vintage Womens 80s jackets - sparkles and colour

1980s jackets-sparkles and colour

Vintage Womens 80s jackets- Choices, choices

Some of the sparkly fitted jackets with sequins are gorgeous and a good way of accessorising is with a pair of black skinny jeans and a vest top. One bright item, the jacket, can brighten up an otherwise dark or plain coloured outfit.


For more shape above the waist a cropped jacket is perfect and there are some perfect ones from the 80s. Also keep an eye out for double breasted jackets and cropped stone wash denim jackets – all perfect to add shape to the upper body. Shoulder pads give the shoulders extra lift if you’re lacking in that area.

Cropped jackets – a speciality of the 80s

The cropped jackets are a particular favourite for me because they are a perfect accompaniment with jeans and t shirts. The brightly coloured ones especially add something really special to an outfit, just make sure you don’t over bulk it with layers underneath, keep what you wear underneath slim line. Although some of the clothes and jackets of the 80s can be quite frumpy with too much length, the more fitted jackets and dresses are always worth seeking out.


Dynasty and Dallas were popular shows during the 80s, and as a result dressing up became big time. Shorter fitted jackets with sequins and 3 quarter length sleeves still have plenty of life in them and can be mixed and matched with more contemporary pieces.


If you do fancy the idea of a double breasted jacket, then there’s plenty to choose from with bright colours, contrasting piping and buttons, or plain and dark block colours. They are very dated and can easily be recognised from their period, but if that’s what you want, then go for it.

80s love

However, there are other styles of Womens vintage 1980s jackets that can be mixed and matched with other more contemporary pieces and not be instantly recognised as an 80s piece. There’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes that are instantly recognized from the period they come from. It’s just that perhaps there are some things that remain more versatile than others.


Not everyone is fond of the 1980s from a fashion perspective, but there’s plenty to love, from gothic punk to new romantic and power dressing suits. Colours are bright and bold, and jackets are padded and cropped or long and fitted. Go with what you love the best and wear them with whatever you feel comfortable in. It’s your vintage style that counts and at the end of the day, vintage is about individuality. So if you’re looking for some womens vintage 1980s jackets then enjoy the hunt.

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Acid wash denim jacket
80s blazer worn beautifully by Brooke Vincent
Is there a place still, for stonewash denim?

Batwing sleeves are always in and out of fashion
Vintage Womens 80s jackets-Bring back memories??
Yes, there may be some trends you don’t want to relive….but then again…
The 80’s Women’s leather jacket’s great, the hair isn’t
Puff shoulders and cropped at the waist
Is that bright enough for you?