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Throw a shell suit fancy dress party and be a 1980s star!

September 10, 2019

Make your next themed event a shell suit fancy dress party and give your friends, family and yourself a fabulous, fun-filled fashion evening to last a lifetime!


Nothing says bright, fashion-forward and stand-out-from-the-crowd like a shell suit fancy dress costume, so go all out at your next themed party and make it a fancy dress event! This will be a fancy dress party to remember when you pick a shell suit theme to rock the night away!

Throw a shell suit fancy dress party and be a 1980s star!

Fancy dress party themes


Making your next party a fancy dress party will add that extra fun factor and imaginative flair to your event, letting your guests indulge in extravagant fashions fearlessly. You could get a start by visiting Amazon and eBay for ideas. But some of the fancy dress party themes you can choose from include:

  • Dance Theme

This is an excellent way to get the party rocking, and by adding a specific theme to your dance party, you will really take it to the next level. For example, you could pick a prom theme, letting your guests take a walk down memory lane as they reinvent this highlight of their school years. Set up a mock photo booth and let guests take pics with their phones that everyone can share later.


A lighthearted fancy dress theme is another way to get your guests into a retro groove, where they rock their shell suit jackets with matching trousers in neon bright nylon, gleaming on the dance floor!


The added advantage of a fancy dress shell party is that finding a fancy dress costume themed on shell suits is uber easy and super cheap, at online market places like eBay or Amazon, where everyone can find something they like, from the smallest size to medium large and beyond.

Throw a shell suit fancy dress party and be a 1980s star!

  • TV Shows Theme

Another great way to engage your guests and get their creative juices flowing is to pick a TV shows theme and why not make it a fancy dress theme by picking TV shows like “Little Britain” for the ultimate in fancy dress costume or “The Sopranos” for more of a tracksuit spin on a shell suit fancy dress outfit.


  • Movie Theme

Why not choose “Rocky” as your movie theme, which lets your guests rock their fancy dress outfits in velour or jersey ala Sylvester Stallone? Or go with “Goodfellas” for another mob-inspired shell fancy dress party.


Whatever theme you choose for your fancy dress party, remember that you want your guests to have plenty of options for fun and fabulous outfits that fit within their budgets and are easy to find and rock, which makes a fun fancy dress theme easy for everyone involved.


Throw a shell suit fancy dress party and be a 1980s star!

Planning and Launching your shell suit fancy dress Party


Once you have picked your fancy dress party theme, and hopefully made it a shell suit themed fancy dress costume party, you can now plan and host your party so that all the parts tie together into the theme.


  • Invites

In today’s world, you have the option to go digital with your party invitations. Or you can go old-school and send out paper invites too, whatever works best for you. Just remember to keep them bright and flashy, so they reflect the style and essence of an authentic fancy dress party! Give your guests “hints” for where they can get shell suit inspiration – including sites like Smiffy’s and Party Delights


Don’t forget to emphasize that it is a fancy dress party themed arounf the shell suit and, if you want to make it extra easy for your guests to get into the party mode, send them links to some popular online sites like eBay or Amazon, where they can get a shell suit themed fancy dress costume.


  • Party Décor

Since the shell suit originated in the 1980s and rocked through to the 1990s, dress up your party room with décor from the 80s and 90s. Think neon-bright balloons and streamers, a boombox (fake or real), mixed tapes as décor and paper Pac-Man cut outs.

Group photo shell suit fancy dress

  • Pictures

Cordon off a small area with curtains and make that your mock-up photo booth. Have guests take their own camera pics in their favourite fancy dress shell suit costume, then post them to a private space on your favourite social media platform, so that everyone can enjoy the memories again and again.


  • Prizes

A fancy dress party calls out for a fancy dress costume competition, so ask your besties to be judges and have them pick the most over-the-top shell suit themed fancy dress costume to win a prize!


Don’t forget to also stock up on prizes for best dancer, best Karaoke singer and for winners of party games.


  • Music

No fancy dress party themed on shell suits would be complete without 80s themed music! Think Cyndi Lauper, The Police, Frankie Says Relax and go all out with the hip-hop singles of the day, since this type of fancy dress costume epitomizes the hip-hop culture of the 1980s. Get more inspiration from sites like Simply Eighties.


  • Food

Complete the fancy dress party vibe with party foods from the 1980s, like cupcakes frosted with neon and pastel icing, plenty of pizza and pop, Doritos, candies, cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, sausages on sticks, multi-coloured jelly and ice-cream!

Throw a shell suit fancy dress party and be a 1980s star!

  • Games

When planning the games for your fancy dress shell suit party, a pinata is a must-have, the brighter and bigger the better, stuffed with tons of colourful candy!


Then get your guests engaged with top 1980s themed party games like a breakdance contest, a Karaoke singing contest to 1980s songs of course, a moon-walking context ala Michael Jackson, and a Rubik’s cube contest. Remember to stock up on fun prizes for each event!


  • Favours

When the fun and games are over, keep the memories alive for your fancy dress party guests by sending them home with special keepsakes. Some ideas included personalized lollipops, mini paper boom boxes filled with multi-coloured candy, Rubik’s cubes, neon-bright headbands for the ladies and brightly coloured shoe laces for the guys.


With all the inspiration above, your next shell suit fancy dress costume party is sure to be a hit with everyone lucky enough to be invited!


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