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Fun 90s shell suit fancy dress party ideas for any occasion

January 3, 2020

Having a 90s shell suit fancy dress event is easy to organise and fun to host. Best of all, a shell suit costume is relatively inexpensive and readily available.


Organising a 90s shell suit fancy dress party is a great way to have friends, family and colleagues over for a bash. The 90s shell suit is one of the most recognised and well-loved pieces of formal wear. Almost all your invitees will likely own a shell suit tracksuit from way back.  And if they don’t, we’ll tell you just the places to source a shell suit costume from! 

Fun 90s shell suit fancy dress party ideas for any occasion

90s Shell Suit Fancy Dress For All Ages

Planning a party can be exciting.  But organizing a theme-based fancy dress party can be super exhilarating – provided you get the theme just right. The key ingredient to making such an event a blooming success is bright colours and comfortable outfits. And a 90s shell suit fancy dress event fits that bill to the T!


Shell suits have been around for decades, ever since this jacket and trousers combo was first unveiled back in the 1960s and 1970s as acceptable “outside the gym” wear. It’s because of that deep history that holding an 80 s themed or 90s-throwback party would make a smashing success.

90s Maroon Shell Suit Jacket

90s Maroon Shell Suit Jacket

In case you’re wondering who you might invite – the answer is: Anyone you know! A fashion shell suit is something that’ll definitely grab the attention of your Baby Boomer friends and colleagues. Even Gen X’ers will find donning a festive shell suit costume very “reviving”.


Your 90s shell suit fancy dress need not be restricted to those two generations – millennials or Gen Y’ers will also be thrilled to get an invite. They too will be thrilled to wear a shell suit top and trousers to have a ball with friends and neighbours.


No matter what their age is, a fancy dress costume event featuring the famous 80 s shell suit or 90s-style shell suit jacket and pants will be a treat for everyone. That’s because the humble tracksuit is truly an ensemble for all ages!

Fun 90s shell suit fancy dress party ideas for any occasion

A Jacket and Trousers For All Occasions

You don’t really need an “excuse” or an occasion to host your 90s shell suit fancy dress party. Unlike Halloween or Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) bashes, an event celebrating the joys of wearing a shell suit tracksuit doesn’t need a special occasion:


  • Turn any boring family get-together into something merry by having family turn up in their favourite fashion shell suit


  • Get co-workers to dress in shell jacket and trousers and make a colleague’s retirement celebration at the office something that he/she will remember for a long time to come


  • And Christmas doesn’t just have to be about pot-bellied costume wearers dressed in red! Add a blue shiny tinge or flowery hues to the occasion by having guests wear their colourful track suit fancy dress costume for the event


  • Form a hiking club and take to the parks and trails in your most comfortable of outdoors outfits – a shell suit tracksuit!


  • Meet up with your gym crowd in your 90s shell suit and have a party every day. It’ll turn heads for sure, but It’ll also motivate you to keep the workouts going!


  • Planning an anniversary surprise for your spouse or partner? Well, how about making it a 90s shell suit fancy dress party, where friends and guests can come dressed a shell suit jacket AND any bottoms: Jeans, Skirts, Dungarees, Dress pants…or even a Kilt. Now wouldn’t that be some party?



90s shell suit fancy dress gatherings

A shell suit is truly a costume for all occasions. Almost every event you can think of can be turned into a fun 90s shell suit fancy dress gathering. Your event could be one that’s held indoors, or it could be planned as a lavish outdoors bash – it makes no difference. Because of their perennial application, the shell suit costume will serve you and your guests well.

Fun 90s shell suit fancy dress party ideas for any occasion

Sourcing Your Shell Suit Jacket and Trousers

Whether you are the host or whether you’ve been invited to a 90s shell suit fancy dress event, you’ll likely be concerned about how or where to source your costume from. Well, here are some great places to start from:


  • Baby Boomers and Gen’Xers will likely find it the easiest to get dressed for the big event! Just reach back…way back…into your closet and you’re bound to find an old shell jacket and trousers tucked away. Just dust it off and you’re good to go!

  • Start your search for that perfect 90s shell suit at Blue17. The range of choices will amaze you. From sombre plain white or dark blue outfits, to ones featuring bright colours, strips and patterns – you’re bound to find something that’s a perfect fit here


  • For those of you that don’t own an 80 s themed or 90s shell costume, Amazon may be the perfect place to search. You’ll find hundreds – if not thousands – of 80s and 90s shell suit options listed there. Pick one that fits your fancy and you’re off to a party!

  • Next stop – eBay’s fancy dress costume Check out the originals – like Adidas shell suit tracksuit. You could even choose a vintage Scouser tracksuit and still be well-dressed for your 90s shell suit fancy dress event


And since this is a 90s shell suit fancy dress party you are planning to dress for, your ensemble doesn’t really need to be in mint condition. On market places like Amazon or eBay, you could also find a willing seller of a slightly-used shell suit costume that fits you perfectly.


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