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Womens 90s vintage tops

July 10, 2015

In the 90s it helped if you had a slim midriff as with Womens 90s vintage tops the cropped top was in fashion.You could wear it as a baggy t-shirt or a jumper, but if your tummy was slightly on the large size then it was inadvisable to go down that route.

90s vintage tops for Women

Thankfully, the cut off top wasn’t the only thing to choose from. Overall, the 90s had brought us a variety of styles of Womens 90s vintage tops. They were inspired by musical genres and previous styles from bygone years.


The late 90s saw a 70s revival similar to what we’re seeing now and hip hop and grunge were also popular. Neon colours, minimalist and more feminine form-fitting glamorous styles and casual chic were around during this decade. So in terms of womens 90s vintage tops there is a variety of different styles to choose from.


So with clothing 90s we ’re looking at a variety of styles.There were fluorescent fabrics, bright colours and baby doll dresses. There were sport brand labels worn as day wear. These included polo shirts, sweaters with denim overalls, dungarees and short dresses worn with opaque tights.

Glamorous Womens 90s vintage tops

Womens 90s vintage tops would come with shiny fabrics or string or cotton vests. Spaghetti strap tops became popular as were camisole tops, which were also featured as a full length dress design. They were often changed to accommodate a grungier look with baggy cardigans, boots and stockings.


Shirts were usually baggy and long and were either white or any other primary colour. Some were plaid to fit in with the grunge look. Sleeves were usually rolled up to the elbow and rarely fitted.


90s blouses were similar to shirts and baggy and loose-fitting. For work, 90s tops would be worn with pencil knee-length skirts or pants. 90s vintage tops were often worn with the collar raised and tucked in.


If you’re torn between different styles , there’s no need to remain confused. Rather than look for one in particular just go with what takes your fancy. Choose, regardless of whether your womens 90s vintage tops fit in with one particular trend. What matters is that they suit your body shape and the colour suits your skin colouring. You can then wear your womens 90s vintage tops in any way you like. The usual rules apply – wear all over vintage, or match it with contemporary pieces. You could use a belt, or a piece of jewellery or any other accessory you can think of to brighten them up.


Although strappy tops are now in vogue and always have been since the 90s, it’s never as good as the original first time round. The patterns, the shiny fabrics, there’s a danger there’ll be a preponderance of midriff cut off versions, but look carefully and if you do prefer this type of minimalist and glamorous top, then look out for the longer ones.

What goes around comes around

Of course as we already know, what goes around comes around. Whatever was in vogue in womens 90s vintage tops will surely be in fashion again at in the future.


The question is – will you already have the wardrobe to accommodate it?

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Vintage clothing 90s – Minimalist, deconstructed