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The England shell suit craze can add nostalgia to your wardrobe!

November 12, 2019

Feeling nostalgic about a bygone era? There’s no reason for you to let bygones be bygones. Embrace that England shell suit trend can rev-up that passion once again.


Shell-suit lovers who recently visited Gucci’s United Kingdom website will likely be pleasantly surprised. Guess why? The ole England shell suit is back, making fresh tracks. And with a big name like that behind the humble “people’s suit”, expect more brands to follow suit (pun intended)!

Gucci shellsuit inspired waterproof jacket

Gucci shellsuit inspired waterproof jacket

The golden era of the England shell suit

Back in the 80s and 90s it was hardly possible for you to take a walk outside the home without seeing someone (many folks, in fact!) in shell suits. In fact, it’s very likely that if you reach behind – way, way behind! – in your own closet, you’ll find one of your own too! And if you do stumble upon one of your own previously worn gems, you’ll be the lucky one!


With the shelled pant and top ensemble making a roaring comeback, brands like Gucci and others are making a killing. It may surprise you to look at the £ 850 to £ 1,000+ price tags on some of their collections – but those are the “cheaper” ones! The latest iteration of the England shell suit is hot…and getting even hotter!


During the golden era, when English fans of the shell suit bought them in droves, no one dreamed that more than two decades later there would be a mad rush for them once more. But clearly, fans across the United Kingdom have taken note, and the “cheap” price tags are an indication that major shell suit manufacturers have taken note too.

90s Umbro England FC Shell Suit

90s Umbro England FC Shell Suit

The price for nostalgia

Perhaps, like many nostalgia lovers, your heart is set in 80s and 90s fashion, but your wallet has moved on to today’s reality of the high-cost of living. While some England shell suit admirers wouldn’t mind shelling (once again – pun intended!) out a thousand quid for a blast from the past – maybe that’s not your cuppa? Well, the price for nostalgia just got cheaper!


In fact, you can even get a brand name England shell suit jacket, like Adidas, from online stores at Gumtree. The best part of buying these from 3rd-party stores online is that you won’t break the bank: The Gumtree steal will set you back just £ 30 plus shipping/handling. And, if you want something less costly, you could even own a previously worn, but in excellent condition, official Timberland track suit top for half that amount!

Puma, Cantona and Umbro

For sports buffs across the United Kingdom, there’s even more good news – especially if your budget for nostalgia is anywhere between £20 and £30. You could own a genuine Puma 1990s shell football jacket for under 30-quid. Pair that with an existing shell trouser, or even your favourite pair of jeans – and you’re all set for a day of vintage fun!


And there’s great news for all you soccer fans out there too! Fans of the Red Rebels will be in soccer heaven at True Vintage, where you could own a previously worn ‘Cantona’ for less than a hundred quid (around £85, actually)! Whether you are a Man United fan, a die-hard Tottenham lover or crazy about Napoli – there are other hidden gems spread all across this site that won’t disappoint you!


And if you are looking for vintage retro 1990 90s Umbro England FC Shell Suit for under £50, then the Depop online marketplace is where you need to go. Explore the site an you’ll stumble upon gems like those that are brought in from across the United Kingdom.  The great thing about using this source, to pay for your piece of nostalgia, is that you can pay through PayPal and never disclose your credit card information to the seller. Now, isn’t that a price worth paying for nostalgia?



Umbro Purple and White Shell Suit


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