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Where can I buy a shell suit that will make me “fit in”?

September 14, 2019

Ever wonder: Where can I buy a shell suit that won’t make me “stand out”? or how to buy the perfect jacket trousers combo that doesn’t look “dated”?  You’re not alone!


Whether it comes to buying the perfect fancy dress costume, a casual piece of outdoors outfit for a jog or a workout, or an 80s shell suit to bring back nostalgia, many of us wonder: Where can I buy a shell suit that looks authentic but doesn’t make it look as though I walked out of a time machine!

 Gucci shell suit

Gucci shell suit

Sourcing the perfect track suit online

Well, if you’ve ever been invited to a 70s or 80s-themed dress-up event, and are wondering where to source your costume, you’re likely not alone! And even if you just wanted a comfortable track suit for leisure wear, it’s likely you too are asking: Where can I buy a shell suit that will easily blend in with everyone else around me.


The fact is that there are any number of places where you can source your suit jacket and trousers. And there’s even more good news – you don’t need to break the bank when shopping for that ideal shell suit costume or comfortable jacket. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Retail TV shows
  • Turn on your tele and tune in to catch your favourite shopping channel. Many retail TV shows offer great bargains and discounts on jacket trousers and other leisure wear clothing. In some cases, they’ll even offer limited “special sale pricing” for the first 100 or 500 callers into the show.

80s Navy Print Shell Suit Two Piece

80s Navy Print Two Piece Shell Suit

  • For that hard to find shell suit costume, you might be better off looking online at stores like Blue17 or Gumtree. Because these sites put in the extra effort to offer specially curated items, you’re more likely to find the ideal fancy dress costume there than at mass-marketing retailers like eBay or Amazon.


  • If it’s an 80s shell suit that you want to wear specifically for an 80s theme party, then you may want to try browsing through the immense suit jacket and trouser collection at simplyeighties.


  • The golden rule for buying the perfect suit jacket online is: Don’t just select from the catalogue on the home page. Use the site map to navigate deeper into the site to search for other “hidden gems”. And if you still don’t like what you see, use the search box to get a more refined selection of jacket trousers or other items you are interested in.


That perfect fancy dress costume may yet be waiting there for you – just one search away!

 Sophie Beaney Fundraising for Alzheimer's Society

Sophie Beaney Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society

Try and buy options

If you’re still asking where can I buy a shell suit that fits me perfectly, then perhaps you are one of the many shoppers who love to try before you buy.  Well, if you don’t get what you’re looking for through TV shows or online retailers, then you might find what you want at one of the many thrift stores. Items there are typically stacked or racked by vintage or period.


Take a trip to your neighbourhood store and walk down the aisles of the period you are most interested in. You’ll probably find 80s shell suit collections in bright colours, neutral shades and multiple designs. Here’s where your “try before you buy” preference comes in.


The golden rule here is: Don’t settle for the first track suit that you try on. Before you settle for the shell suit costume of your choice, try as many as you have the patience for – one, five…or a dozen!

Shell suit costume buyers beware

Now that you know the answer to “where can I buy a shell suit?”, it’s time for you to take the next step and get yourself the outfit of your liking. But not just yet! Before you go dashing away on a buying spree, here are some parting words of wisdom you might not hear on consumer TV shows or online sales platforms:


Amazon, Etsy and Blue17
  • Not every online track suit retailer will have exactly what you are looking for. If you are pressed for time, sites like Amazon, Etsy and Blue17 are great places for you to start your search.


Shopping that perfect 80s shell suit online
  • When shopping online that perfect 80s shell suit, take the time to navigate through the site map and understand return policies carefully before putting in your order. Most online retailers have specific deadlines by which returns must be requested. In some cases, that track suit you got for a bargain might be a “final sale” item – meaning, no returns possible!


Fancy dress costume
  • If you are shopping online for a fancy dress costume, where possible, make sure you source as much of your ensemble from a single vendor. It might be a challenge to do, but it’s very likely that you’ll be able to find a matching suit jacket for the trouser you buy from the same supplier as opposed to buying them from different vendors.


Shipping costs
  • Also, single sourcing your shell suit costume could save you shipping costs, and might even make returns (if you are not satisfied with one piece of the costume) and exchanges easier.


The final piece of advice for anyone wondering where can I buy a shell suit, is this: Remember, you’ll be providing your credit card number and other personal information to the retailer’s website. Therefore, if you want to buy those jacket trousers or that irresistible top, shop only at trusted sites like Blue17, eBay or ASOS. Don’t trust lesser known sites with your payment information!


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