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Rock a pink shell suit at your next fancy dress party!

July 4, 2019

When choosing that special outfit for your next fancy dress party, you cannot go wrong with a pink shell suit costume, combining 80s style with a timeless colour!


Pick up a pink shell suit for your next fancy dress shell suit costume party and rock a look that is both bold and very flattering at the same time, combining the shade of pink that best suits you with a throwback shell suit costume that rocks any 1980s themed party!

Pink shell suits

Pink shell suits

Pink as the new Orange!

Invited to a fancy dress party? Or is it a 1980s themed event? Or are you are planning to attend a shell suit costume party? In all cases, getting yourself a pink shell suit is going to give you that amplified style factor and make you not just stand out from the crowd, but look and feel good doing so!

Paneled pink shell suit

Paneled pink shell suit

So, where do you find the perfect pink shell suit?


You have a bunch of options, online or in real life, to get yourself that perfect fit and colour that blends perfectly with your style persona. If checking out online virtual market places, take a tour through the ones below and you are sure to find something to your taste.


  • Urban Outfitters offers you authentic vintage pink shell suit options, in all styles and brands for the 1980s through the 1990s, and at price points that perfectly fit your fancy dress costume budget


  • Party Packs offers you a wide range of high quality 1980s shell suit costume choices at everyday low prices when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a one-off fancy dress outfit


  • Then there is Amazon, where you probably have access to more choices than anywhere else. Especially popular for a fancy dress costume is Smiffys, who specializes in the 1980s look, and where you can find your pink shell suit in all shades of that flattering colour


  • Rivaling Amazon for its array of choice is eBay, where you can not only find the perfect shell suit, but also the complimentary accessories like shoes and jewellery to finish your fancy dress outfit


Another way to source your perfect pink shell suit is to check out your local thrift stores. You could get lucky and find those rare, one-of-a-kind and ridiculously cheap options that are genuine 1980s shell suits to boot!


Or head on over to the consignment stores in your neighborhood for high-end shell suit choices. Expect to pay more than at a thrift store, but also expect high quality and a durable outfit that will take pride of place in your closet.

All pink

All pink

Ways to rock a pink shell suit


  • Yes, you can rock your pink shell suit at a fancy dress party but why not extend the fashion options and get yourself a high-end, authentic sports suit from Adidas in a light coral pink from head to toe? Look for a pink shell that is understated, with no added embellishments, and you can split up the jacket and trousers and wear them in so many ways with your current wardrobe pieces!


  • On the other hand, if all you want is for your shell suit to pop at your fancy dress party, then look for a version that has zigzags or stripes (or both!) in a bold contrasting colour like purple (or two strong colours like purple and yellow!), on the jacket sleeves and trouser legs. Add white high-heeled pumps to your shell suit for a totally radical 1980s outfit!

Neon pink

Neon pink


Neon pink


  • Another way to style your pink shell suit is to choose a bright shade of neon pink from head to toe. This loud colour needs no added embellishments.  Wear as-is or add a plain white T-shirt under the jacket and retro white high-top sneakers for a standout look at that fancy dress party.


  • For a classic, timeless and up-market look, get yourself a pink shell suit in a very pale shade of pink, no fancy stuff, just elegant cut and styling. Then add some strappy high-heeled sandals in a matching shade of pink or in nude, and you have a high-end look that will take you anywhere!


  • If you really want to make a style statement, combine a pink shell jacket in neon-bright nylon with a red suit trouser. Pink and red make a perfect colour combination, so rock this look at your fancy dress party or anywhere else you like. To really amplify your style, add a red T-shirt under your pink shell jacket in the same hue as your red pants, then finish the look with bright pink high-heeled pumps – ooh la la!

80s White Snake Skin Pumps

80s White Snake Skin Pumps



  • When going all out for your fancy dress party look, add a big permed wig on top of your pink shell suit in a colour of your choice:  black, blond, red, anything goes! Try the Adult costume section of Escapade online for inspiration


  • Tie a brightly coloured – patterned or plain – headband around your forehead for that sporty style touch to your outfit.


  • Drape chunky oversized mixed metal necklaces around your neck for a hip-hop variation on the shell suit costume look. Alternatively, add a necklace of huge pink beads over your pink shell suit jacket for a retro-demure effect.


  • Don’t forget the 1980s makeup! Bright blue eye shadow, strong blush and lashings of shiny lip gloss will make your shell suit outfit look complete.


  • For footwear, you can go with authentic sneakers, preferably branded by Nike or Adidas if you can get them, and in white with either high tops or stripes on the sides. Or, go completely the opposite way and pair your shell suit with high heeled pumps for lots of pizzazz. White pumps are timeless but black or pink work well too.


You now have a variety of ways to get yourself that perfect pink shell suit for your fancy dress party or just to brighten up your current wardrobe, the choice is yours!

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