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Take 80s Shell Suits for a spin at your 80s Party!

February 4, 2022

80s Shell Suits fancy dress costumes are a totally tubular way to bring the 1980s back to life at your next 80’s themed party – give it a try to make a statement!

Want to make a loud and impactful style statement?

Then get yourself some 80’s shell suits for your next 1980s themed party and see how a shell suit fancy dress costume brings the party to life!


Then, after you are done playing up and playing with your 80s shell suit split it up and wear the jacket and trousers as separates with your current classics for a retro-modern spin on 80’s dressing for today.

womens 1980s shell-suit-fancy-dress-costume

1980s shell suit fancy dress costume

The legacy of the 80s shell suit

1980s fashion, and especially 80s shell suits, endures as both awe-inspiring throwback style for your next shell suit fancy dress costume, and as today’s reimagined athleisure wear’s evolution.


As we all know, fashion is cyclical and the 80s are having their moment today. So, look to eighties shell suits both for fancy dress parties in all their original glory and as inspiration for today’s take on retro styles that fit into the modern wardrobe.

80’s Shell Suit Fancy Dress Costume Options

There are so many great places to source and buy your next eighties shell suits online, perfect for that shell suit fancy dress costume party! Check out some of these great options that offer you the fashion shell suit in a wide array of colours, fabrications and price points.


Then get yourself the 80s shell suit jacket and trousers that resonate with your personal style, and rock them at your 80s themed party.


Don’t forget to embellish your shell suit with a permed wig.  And while you’re at it, throw on some retro white high-top sneakers and carry a boombox from back in the day to really pull off that throwback look!


Visit your local thrift store to find retro sneakers with stripes on the sides, preferably Nike or Reebok branded, if you can get them.


Add a gaudy-bright headband to your wig, lots of heavy chains and you will have the authentic throwback style of a Scouser shell suit nailed!

  • Visit Amazon for your authentic 80s shell suits at a price point that fits nicely within your budget.  Read the rave reviews from happy customers who have sourced their shell suit fancy dress costume from Amazon and looked fab in the results


  • Another great online marketplace for your eighties shell suits is eBay, where you can get the best deals at the lowest prices, even free delivery under certain conditions. You can find both authentic, original shell suit options or current, updated takes on the classic, it’s your choice


  • You can also give Smiffys a try, where you will find a curated selection of shell suit fancy dress costumesto choose from. You’ll find a nice range of jacket and trousers options to choose from and why not go all out and get them as separates in contrasting colours to really make that shell suit style statement!


  • Party Delights is another place to source your 80s shell suit They have original fashion eighties shell suits in your choice of prices so that you don’t have to break the bank getting your 80s groove on!

Accessorizing your 80’s shell suit


To really look your best in your shell jacket and trousers, you need to accessorize appropriately:


  • Find yourself some rad wigs to compliment your 80’s shell suits at Smiffys via Amazon. You’ll You will find ridiculously low-priced wig options to finish off your look.


  • Or take a look at what Fancy Dress has to offer in sweatbands, visors, chunky oversized gold chain necklaces, neon beaded bracelets and even an inflatable boom box!


  • For that glow-in-the-dark finishing touch, check out the neon face and body paint, neon hair and body sprays, neon wig and neon glow accessories like fanny packs, leg warmers, head bands, belts and bangles, all available at the accessories page at Fancy Dress

80’s Shell Suits for Today


Now that you’ve had fun rocking your eighties shell suits at your 1980s themed party, don’t throw it into the back of your closet just yet. Split up the jacket and trousers and mash up your 80s shell suit with your modern pieces to fit right into today’s reinvention of the fashion shell suit.


Pair the neon-bright jacket from your shell suit with a classic white T-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans for a cool street look that shows your fashion savvy.


Then wear your shell suit’s trousers with your favourite pastel camisole tucked in and add classic high-heeled pumps for a dressed-up retro-modern spin on your fashion shell suit separate. Throw on a timeless navy blazer to take this look to the next level.


You can also jazz up your winter darks with the neon brights of your eighties shell suits pieces, layering the jacket over a sweater dress or pairing the trousers with a black or grey turtleneck sweater.


The gaudy-bright colours of your 80s shell suits works well with all the neutrals already in your closet, giving everything that pop of colour and pizzazz that says you know how to bring retro looks into modern wear.


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