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How to Make and Rock your own DIY 80s Clothing

July 13, 2018

Learn the easiest ways to put together an 80s theme party, wear 80s style outfits without looking like you are in costume or, if that is your thing, throw an 80s costume party where you and your guests rock outfits from the 1980s. Look no further to learn how to DIY 80s Clothing with panache and style

Throw an 80s style theme party with DIY 80s Clothing

You don’t need to spend a ton of money at an expensive consignment store buying 80s clothing costume parties outfits for you and your friends. With a little imagination, a dash of creativity and a look back at Madonna and Michael Jackson in their outfits from the 1980s, you can throw 80s costume parties to rival the best 80s style from that decade. Here’s how:


DIY 80s Clothing – Madonna

Here’s what you will need: a white slogan T-shirt that you knot at your waist, worn with your lightest wash girlfriend jeans rolled up at the ankles, over black fishnet tights tucked into coral pumps, with a bright scarf tied in your hair. Don’t forget to pile on the makeup and nail polish in shades of neon and add layers of long pearls interspersed with chunky chains around your neck.


DIY 80s Clothing - Flashdance Andrea Březinová

Flashdance, Andrea Březinová. Jef Kratochvil, CC BY-SA 3.0 CZ , via Wikimedia Commons

DIY Flashdance

There is one movie that evokes iconic 80s style and that is Flashdance.


All you need is a long sweatshirt with the collar cut off so that it falls off your shoulders, worn with your lycra leggings and DIY legwarmers, made by chopping the feet off the brightest pair of long socks you can find, then hemming up the raw edge. Don’t forget the big hair held off your face with a sweatband.

How to DIY 80s Clothing - Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes.
By Christo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

DIY 80s Clothing – Halloween costumes

No 80s theme party plans? Halloween is the perfect time to show your 80s style. Here are some great and easy ways to rock 80s costumes:



Fasching_028_Ghostbusters. Usien, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


Why not get together with your besties and everyone wears a white button-down shirt tucked into white jeans, with a red slim belt and a DIY proton pack constructed from a black backpack and a glued-on hose with nozzle, ready to bust those ghosts!

DIY 80s Clothing – E.T.

One of the easiest ways to a 1980s costume and a popular 80s costume for kids is to throw on a red hoodie and carry a bicycle basket and voila! You are E.T. looking for a friend.


Robert Palmer.

Robert Palmer. Nathan Callahan from Southern California, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Robert Palmer Girls, 80s Style

Pull on your shortest, tightest Little Black Dress, layer on bright red lipstick, grab a toy guitar and you are ready to rock a Robert Palmer MTV video! Another great way to share the fun with your girlfriends.

How to DIY 80s Clothing for Today

Outfits from the 1980s can be reworked to make them fresh and new for today. Take your oversized sweatshirt and wear it as a one-shoulder top over skinny jeans. Or grab a slim colourful scarf and tie around your head like a headband, finishing the look with a small bow at the top of your head. Layer your black leggings under a short denim skirt with a slogan T-shirt knotted into a cropped top to show off your waist. There are so many new and easy ways to 80s clothing into today’s style with simple twists on old favorites, so have fun with it!


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