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Rewind the Clock in an 80s Jumpsuit – How to shake up your own jumpsuit in 2018

July 17, 2018


80s Jumpsuit

80s Jumpsuit


The world is changing – but one thing that has stayed consistent? Our love for vintage 80s jumpsuits! Where did this iconic piece of fashion even originate? In 1919, a Florentine artist who went by the name ‘Thayat’, created the garment to be worn by skydivers – literally a practical outfit to JUMP in! Over the decades, this iconic look has been worn in many different ways – from moon landings to war-times, the outfit finally made mainstream fashion in Paris in the nineteen-thirties. From then on, the jumpsuit has made appearances all over – from Studio 54 to the days of the Spice Girls! We’re here to show you how to shake up your own vintage jumpsuit in 2018.

Find Your Perfect 80s Jumpsuit for Women




At Blue 17, we have a vast array of 80s jumpsuits for women. Our model, Ali, is rocking her favourite – a comfy denim 80s jumpsuit perfect for Spring or Summer. She’s matched her outfit with a cozy and colorful 80s print cardigan and white vintage tennis shoes. To complete her look, she’s added a trendy gold vintage bum bag to keep all her essentials in. This look is perfect for an adventurous day out in London, because it’s light, comfortable, and even a bit sporty. So throw your hair into a ponytail, embrace the heat, and get out there in your own 80s jumpsuit from Blue 17 Vintage.



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