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Look Flawless in Your 50s Vintage Haori

February 26, 2018

50s Vintage Haori


It goes without saying – vintage Haori pieces are absolutely stunning, and can flatter any outfit. This iconic piece of Japanese clothing was once worn by warriors in battle to protect themselves from the cold, and are now typically worn by women as a formal overcoat to keep warm and stay stylish. Haoris come in all different colors and patterns, and we’re showing you how to perfectly style this classic number.

How to Style Your vintage Haori

50s peach colored silk Haori


Haoris come in many different lengths, and the length Seline is rocking is just about mid-thigh. She’s paired her stunning 50s peach colored silk Haori with a 50s white lace blouse and a multi-colored 50s floral print skirt. With the haori being so delicate and silky, it’s important to remember to treat it like a piece of artwork – feeling free to play around with how to style the piece while also respecting its history and delicate fabric. The soft blouse and floral skirt are perfect additions to the haori that Seline is wearing, and don’t overwhelm.

the outfit. She’s also added a pair of black tights and gold pumps to top off the stunning look and is ready to paint the town red with her classy outfit.


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