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Create the Look the 1920s

August 29, 2014

The roaring twenties was a special era for fashion. This period saw women embracing a newly relaxed form of fashion, far from the restrictions of corsets and layered clothing from the early 1900’s. Another feature of this characteristic period saw new fabrics such as silk enter the high fashion market and rayon for the working class market.Create the Look the 1920s

Create the Look The 1920s with these roaring twenties costume ideas

Fashion in 1920’s society remained conservative on the whole but an iconic style emerged through young, forward thinking women of the era. Undoubtedly one of the most elegant and well-known styles of the twenties was the ‘flapper dress’. This look incorporated beautiful shift style dresses that had no definitive waistline and flattened the bust line. Other iconic fashion pieces of this era included popular Cloche hat and art deco inspired jewellery.

Create the Look the 1920s

Create the Look the 1920s


The perfect 1920’s look balances beauty, elegance and sophistication and give the wearer a sense of the pure femininity of the period. The twenties became the first iconic new fashion era for the 20th century and gave women the choice to look glamourous, sophisticated and fashionable. Take a look at these iconic 1920’s fashion pieces to create the perfect twenties style.

Flapper Dress

This iconic dress style has remained a well-known piece of fashion history. These dresses were straight and loose with no defined waistline and ladies wore rayon or silk stockings to accompany these beautiful looks. High heels also came into fashion during the twenties and paired perfectly with this dress.

Flapper dresses featured beautiful embellishments and fringing which oozed luxury, elegance and sophistication.

Create the Look the 1920s – Cloche Style Hats

This popular 1920’s hat named after the French word meaning ‘bell’ features a fitted bell shaped style which is made of felt. This style hat also shaped the fashionable hair cut of the decade with short, slicked down styles. Art Deco design also impacted on cloche design and other styles made from lace and beads were popular with bridal gowns.

1920s women-Flapper girl-Create the Look the 1920s

1920s women-Flapper girl-Create the Look the 1920s


The 1920s is the perfect look for eveningwear and recent blockbusters including The Great Gatsby and Changeling featured this beautiful iconic style. The look is easy to recreate with a fabulous selection of beautiful vintage dresses and accessories for a beautiful, sophisticated iconic vintage style.

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Flapper girl