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Vintage Shabby chic dressing

January 29, 2015

Shabby chic is a term we are all familiar with – especially if we are fans of this particular style for our interiors. The French green, the distressed wood, the slightly feminine pastels and antique look pictures frames are a must if you’re a fan of retro –Vintage Shabby chic.

Vintage Shabby chic dressing

But if you really love the style, can you dress yourself as well as your living room the Vintage Shabby chic way?Probably, but don’t worry about the French green – that’s optional.

How do you do Vintage Shabby chic?

The Vintage Shabby chic chic aesthetic for the grown up woman is feminine and girly – so if you prefer a more masculine look, or like your colours dark, then this isn’t for you frankly.

This is full on pastels and floaty materials with plenty of antique jewellery and lots of layers.We’re thinking loose fitting sundresses, skirts, tops, flowered prints, lots of pastel colours, ribbons, faded jeans and soft, feminine hair with vintage shabby chic accessories if you wish.Keep in mind that we’re talking floaty and distracted here, not messy and pulled-through-a-hedge-backwards look, so keep it well groomed.

Vintage Shabby chic-vintage-wedding dresses

Vintage Shabby chic-wedding dresses

Remind you of anything?

Vintage Shabby chic pulls so many different things together that’s bound to trigger a little déjà vu.The look, to me at least, is reminiscent of a more 70s aesthetic, a little Ossie Clark and some cheesecloth would take you right back. Those 3 tiered skirts and off the shoulder tops with ruching at the bodice.

You don’t have to embrace the 70s to enjoy Vintage Shabby chic, but you can fuse the two if you want. The colours however must remain neutral, pale, pastel, no dark colours or psychedelic swirls in sight.

Vintage Shabby chic-romantic pink top camisole

romantic pink top camisole


Antique jewellery is a real must for the Vintage Shabby chic look, something feminine and classy. Trawl vintage shops, second hand shops and look online. Spend time searching for things that are really vintage and not something that you pick up quickly along with a string of cheap beads in gawdy colours. This is something you want to take time choosing for something that’s both unique and original. Don’t completely dismiss beads however, pastel coloured pearl bead strings will look gorgeous over a vest or tank.


Brooches are pretty and essential to give yourself that vintage vibe, with cameo brooches a good look in that classic oval shape with the patterned edging, they’re always somewhere to be found in a second hand shop or vintage store online or on the high street.


Shabby chic Vintage inspired shoes are a must, but they can be truly vintage if you don’t mind wearing second hand shoes, and if they’re in good condition of course.

Vintage Shabby chice-purple beaded shoes from

purple beaded shoes from


Vintage Shabby chic- 1970's leather sandals from

vintage 1970’s leather sandals from


We’re also talking layers here with skirts matched by lacey vests, tanks and worn over each other to create a floaty, romantic look. Camisoles with thin straps and lace are a good idea as are all in one bodies that can be worn underneath to give shape and contouring beneath the layers.

Vintage Shabby chic- White muslin camisole_top

Vintage White muslin camisole_top

Earrings, rings….and yes, chokers

Earrings can be white with either pearls, rhinestones or diamonds that are chandelier shaped, and dangle freely above the shoulder. Rings can have motifs, like flowers and other romantic shapes. Lockets in gold or silver make for a pretty look and yes, chokers, those things we left behind in the seventies can create a beautiful neckline, with velvet, satin ribbons and motifs, such as cameos or roses.

Anything that looks distressed or aged in terms of metals for jewellery is good, and worn with layers of cream, beige and powder blues and pinks can look very feminine.

Beaded choker from

vintage beaded choker from

Vintage Shabby chic – Hats and hair

Hats are floppy and hair is left loose or loosely braided in a side plait. Hair that’s braided and worn up and off the face has been seen on the catwalk and the red carpet of late, and works with a Vintage Shabby chic look, just leave some tendrils of hair around your face for a softer and less harsh look.

Vintage Shabby chic- Tea Party Hat

Shabby Chic Tea Party Hat


Cloche Hat

Cloche Hat


Make up is soft and feminine with light colours to match the clothes, no garish lipstick or dark eye shadow. Eyes can be sultry, but with paler blues and greens for a mysterious yet romantic look.