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Vintage print coats & jackets

September 12, 2015

There’s a real feel for bright colours this autumn, and coats and jackets are more colourful and daring than they’ve been before. Out with the tan and black and in with the burnt orange and Aegean blue. Vintage print coats and jackets aren’t always easy to get right, it demands discipline with the rest of what you’re going to wear.

Women’s Vintage print coats & jackets

Get it wrong and you could look like a walking firework on November 5th. Having said that, sometimes a little clashing colour is good, but with patterns it’s important not to have too many going on unless the colours complement each other.

Vintage prints are always original

If you can get your hands on a printed jacket or coat this autumn then it’s likely that no one will be able to guess where you got it.


If it’s vintage then both the colours and patterns are going to be much more vivid and original and that’s not something you’re going to get on the High Street.


Geometric patterns, checks and animal prints are all good to go and the older they are the better. Don’t follow the crowd – look for something in vintage stores, both online and off and find yourself something that stands out.

Simple combinations or daring patterns

Vintage print coats or jackets are perfect for dull grey days and the pairing of a simple top and pants or skirts combo, or a block coloured dress works really well.If it draws in at the waist with a belt, then even better as it will help to flatter the figure.


If you have the confidence to wear the brightly coloured geometric patterns then it’s a great way of expressing yourself.


If you combine a colourful bomber jacket with a figure hugging shirt and a simple vest top then the patterns is beautifully broken up, making the outfit a perfect look for daytime or evening wear.


A patterned jacket or coat matched with a black ensemble is a beautiful thing indeed. But it doesn’t always have to be with dark colours.

White backgrounds

Fancy mixing it up with white? If you want your colourful new jacket or coat to stand out, then keep all white beneath, and that will make the patterns on your jacket show up nicely.


A white tee and a pencil skirt, or perhaps white jeans is a great match, or even wide legged trousers or cigarette pants.

Vintage print coats -Printed coat and jacket patterns VOGUE

Printed coat and jacket patterns VOGUE

Vintage print coats-Dare to mix your prints?

You can also mix the prints up if you’re daring enough. You must consider whether they complement each other rather than looking like a colourful mess


A striped top, and plain pants work with a patterned jacket. Or how about dots or leopard print?

Make sure the colours mix well together then you’ve got a really bold look going on.

Vintage print coats-Casual

You don’t have to dress up to wear Vintage print coats and jackets. You can wear skinny jeans or pants, flat ballet pumps, and a maybe a plain and loose tee. Keep a casual ensemble in classic colours that will complement the jacket/coat.


Be brave and add a colourful jacket to your wardrobe, vintage is always best and the 70s have some lovely prints as do the 1980s and 1990s.




Great example with Emilio Pucci printed jacket at 1stDibs
From Harpers Bazaar Aus/Sept 2011 – patterned jacket
Gwen Stefani in colourful print jacket
Colourful coat with black background ensemble