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Transform Your Look with a chic 80s Skirt

April 21, 2018


The classic 80s Skirt

Who said 80s skirts had to be short, colorful and puffy? When thinking of the classic 80s gear, the word ‘cheesy’ may come to mind. However, the 80s were also full of trendy turtlenecks, unique patterns and tailored skirts. At Blue17, we’re here to share with you all the beautiful sides to 1980s style – starting with our classic  leather skirts.

The Perfect Bold, Brown Look



Talk about a staple outfit – Seline is loving her casual yet sophisticated 1980s winter look. Starting with a cream and brown striped roll neck 80s sweater, Seline pairs her warm and casual jumper with the perfect brown leather patchwork 80s skirt and light brown knee-length leather boots. Topping off her classic 80s ensemble is a white beret, giving her the complete trendy Parisian vibes she needs to strut her stuff with confidence in London. Taller boots are making a comeback with longer skirts, and Seline is on-point with this combo. The 80s were all about taking fashion risks, and mixing and matched unique pieces to create cohesive yet individualistic outfits. Ready to find your perfect skirt? Let’s get started!

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