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Buying 1970s Vintage Clothing Online to Rock those Stylish Trends!

February 7, 2019

Source all your 1970s Vintage Clothing Online and take the disco, bohemian and hippie looks for a spin through your modern wardrobe, mashing up styles across decades.


Looking for 1970s vintage clothing online?  Find everything you need to revive the timeless, groovy trends of the 70s in a few key online stores and rock the look today!

1970s disco fashion

1970s disco fashion

Vintage clothing explosion

The 1970s saw an explosion of fashion creativity and expression, with a vast spectrum of styles and trends to choose from. Vintage clothing from that decade is timeless and can be worn in any decade and still flatter your shape and enliven your look.   Trends ranged from disco, to bohemian, hippie, safari, military and ethnic.


Fashion influencers of the day would mash-up look from different trends to show off their own unique personality and style. Military jackets worn over flowing floral or geometric print wrap skirts combined the military and hippie looks into a balanced juxtaposition of styles. Or loose peasant blouses worn over close-fitted cargo pants said casual and cool in a whole new way.


Let’s explore some of the key trends of 1970s vintage clothing see how easy it is to source vintage clothing online when you are in the mood for retro dressing:

Bohemian chic for Vintage Clothing Online

Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic Vintage Clothing Online

Think flared pale blue jeans, tie-dye cotton T-shirts, tunics and kaftans and full maxi skirts in bright colours and patterns. Throw in denim jackets or fringed leather jackets and add on leather hats, boots or sandals and you have the key trends of this vintage clothing look.


Shopping for your boho-chic 1970s vintage clothing online gives you so many different options to choose from when you are looking to bring this vibe alive, from virtual market places like to  where you can browse and shop for key looks. Assemble a whole virtual outfit from hat to cowboy boots, or pick a single item like a floral dress that you can meld with your current wardrobe for a now-and-then look. 70s styles never went out of fashion, so rock on!

Anni-Frid yngstad and Agnetha Fältskog on The Eddy Go Round Show, 1974

Anni-Frid yngstad and Agnetha Fältskog on The Eddy Go Round Show, 1974

Disco Queen Vintage Clothing Online

Another huge trend from the 70s was the disco glam look that brightened the floors of dance clubs everywhere. When buying vintage clothing online for this look, remember that mini-skirts and short dresses in silver, gold and coloured sequins, white knee-high go-go boots with stacked heels and lots of shaggy, layered hair worn with neon-bright makeup completed this look.


Disco fever was booming and music icons like The BeeGees, ABBA, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta were lighting up the dance floor with their music and moves, not to mention their groovy disco outfits. Donna Summer was the Queen of Disco and her big hair and shiny outfits really brought the disco look to life. Look for vintage clothing that is embellished with sequins and spaghetti straps, add in some platform sandals and you are ready to rock on!


Check out vintage clothing online from the disco era at vintagedancer where you can find the coolest outfit combinations and inspirational styling to get you in that disco fever mood. Wear your vintage clothing to your next costume dance party or Halloween event and bring disco fever alive again!

1970s safari jackets can be found in Vintage Clothing Online

1970s safari jackets

Safari and Military Vintage Clothing Online

The timeless styles of safari and military come back again and again in every fashion cycle, reworked in slightly different ways each time around. In the 70s, the look was all about khaki or olive-green jumpsuits, shirt dresses and safari-style jackets, worn with blue jeans, cargo pants and lots of animal print accessories.


The jackets and dresses had plenty of metallic hardware and the look was finished with layers of silver, gold or bronze bangles, chunky bracelets and chain-link necklaces. Vintage clothing stores online offer many ways you can curate one or many items from this1970s trend to up your look today. For example, a classic safari jacket goes with everything and never goes out of style. Buy it in a classic khaki or olive-green hue and you have a timeless piece to throw on over your jeans for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Hippies in 1960, they sure didn't buy their Vintage Clothing Online

Hippies in 1960

Hippie-Dippy Style

The 1970s hippie look epitomized that decade. There were bold and expressive coloured and printed shirts worn tucked into high-waisted bell-bottom jeans. Or flowing and floaty floral or geometric print dresses worn with sandals and huge floppy hats. And leather mini-skirts worn with gladiator sandals and peasant blouses. Find 1970s vintage clothing online that speaks to your inner hippie and select those timeless pieces like the peasant blouse or the leather mini-skirt that go with your current wardrobe and look as good today as they did back then.

Blondie, Debbie Harry, 1977

Blondie, Debbie Harry, 1977

70s Icons

There was a look that said “Seventies” and was brought to life by Charlie’s Angels, Farah Fawcett, Debbie Harry and Cher, among other icons of that decade. It was all about the long, layered shaggy hair of Farah, or, on the other extreme, the stick-straight, smooth wings falling from a center-part, worn by Ali MacGraw and Cher. Bangs were big too.


Lips were pale pink or soft coral, outlined with a darker shade of lip pencil and offset by smoky eyes with tons of false lashes. That was when ladies were not dancing the night away, when they wore plenty of bright blue eyeshadow and lots of shiny pink lip gloss, picking up the lights of the disco ball overhead.

Shopping 1970s Vintage clothing online

You can find all of the key 70s looks like bell-bottom jeans, ethnic prints with embroidery and fringe and long flowing dresses and skirts by browsing through vintage clothing online at sites like, which offers a modern spin on vintage clothing. Or visit the global marketplace to find a wide selection of 1970s authentic vintage clothing online.


Buying 1970s vintage clothing online is easy and fun.  No need to hunt through racks of clothes in consignment or thrift stores. You can easily review the trend that excites you, then find the perfect piece in your size and design to be shipped to your doorstep and worn with joy as you express yourself the 70s way!


Creating a retro clothing look that works for you every day!