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Boho Clothing – 1848 To 1970s Bohemian Fashion Styles

August 14, 2016

The iconic and much-loved genre of boho clothing has become a popular example of vintage fashion. Its beginnings were influenced by a time before the stereotypical depiction of the 1970s with a reference dating back to 1848 where the word ‘bohemianism’ was used in the well-known novel Vanity Fair.


Boho has been described as a lifestyle with people opting for a free-spirited and creative setting. Many people who practiced bohemianism were described as musical, artistic and wanderers. The word for this lifestyle originated in France and was used as the meaning for gypsy.


Popular 1970s boho clothing styles

Boho fashion has developed into a must have trend in modern style. 1970s clothing carried on the traditional viewpoint of past bohemianism and fashion represented a freethinking movement. Clothing was liberating with floral and paisley prints, flowing dresses and strong feminine styles.

Sienna Miller at the London premiere for Factory Girl

Sienna Miller at the London premiere for Factory Girl

Celebrity boho looks

There are many people who love wearing a boho look. Celebrity fans of this style include Sienna Miller who radiates bohemian vibes. Her love of maxi dresses and relaxed style created a revival in 1970s fashion especially during the summer months. In the early 21st century the term ‘boho chic’ was created representing this modern twist on 70s classics. It is always a popular look at festivals.


If you’re looking to create an authentic bohemian clothing style with perfect 70s vintage clothing, check out our tips on styling a chic look with boho clothing.

Karen Elson looks great in her earth coloured boho dress

Karen Elson performing onstage, June 2010

Choose the perfect boho colour palette

Earthy, neutral tones are synonymous with boho looks. Build your style with natural shades including browns, nudes, oranges and dark greens.

Texture your Boho clothing look with natural fabrics

The 1970s saw a beautiful style mixing natural texture with comfortable cuts. Cotton, linen and silk are popular examples of boho fabric. They create a delicate balance of beauty and free movement, perfect to fit the style.

Have fun with print, pattern and embellishment

Popular boho clothing chic style features pretty prints and fun pattern. It’s a great time to experiment with a mix of colourful outfits showing your personality. Modern twists on 70s style maxi dresses pair this summer staple with flower crowns, braids and avant-garde accessories.


Other popular embellishments to accompany your style include wide-brimmed hats, fringed bags and embroidered scarves. All of these give you that added boho feel to an outfit. It’s also great if you don’t want to sport a full bohemian look, as adding these accessories will give you a touch of 70s style.

Give your boho clothing look a modern twist

If you don’t want to go for the full 70s bohemian style, pairing your modern wardrobe with a few staple pieces is the perfect way to create a unique look. Pair a beautiful boho shirt or tunic with a cute denim skirt or shorts during summer or opt for oversized jumpers with washed out jeans for an alternative look when the weather turns cooler.

The beautiful Vanessa Paradis looks stunning in her bohemian chic dress

Vanessa Paradis,

Remember to enjoy the look and feel comfortable

70s boho clothing embraces the relaxed and comfort vibes of fashion. Loose fitting clothing was often worn in layers to create texture and paired with neutral tones give you an earth mother feel. This iconic style was born out of a love of comfort and freedom and gives you a chance to feel at one with your environment.