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Iconic Fashion Designers – Six of the most famous fashion designers

September 14, 2014

Choosing designer vintage is largely dependent on your own personal taste, however there are some Iconic fashion designers whose garments are extremely collectible and you may want to look out for them. It’s not easy to find an original and who knows what the seller will charge, but that’s part of the excitement when seeking out vintage clothing, finding the garments, haggling with the seller and taking it home, safe in the knowledge you’ve bagged a bargain and an original one off.

Iconic fashion Designers whose clothing is collectible

It goes without saying that you should always look out for labels to check for originality and authenticity and watch out for stains and rips.


Here are six of the most wonderful collectible Iconic fashion Designers.

Emilio Pucci

His blouses are coveted by anyone with an appreciation for quality and beautiful prints. Flowers, prints, swirls of pastel shades and gorgeous oranges and lemons are what Pucci’s blouses are about.


The detailing in the patterns are exquisite and many are made from pure silk or cotton. A fashion staple for any truly vintage loving fashionista they are the thing to have. Look out for the text that comes with the garment if you’re shopping online. If you think it’s unusually cheap then it’s more than likely a copy.


Look out for words such as “Pucci-like,”“in the style of” and “retro.” Any vintage Pucci blouse is going to knock you back a few hundred pounds, less if it’s cotton.

Giorgio Armani

Another of our Iconic fashion Designers, anything by Armani is a gift. What this designer didn’t know about fashion isn’t worth knowing at all. Here was an Italian designer whose influence is still felt today and whose knowledge of fabric and design was exceptional. Again, look out for labels and for the condition of the garment and always ask anything if you’re unsure of the authenticity of the piece you want.

Iconic fashion Designers – Chanel suits & dresses

Many of very early Chanel will be in a museum or tucked up in somebody’s closet, but anything from 70s, 80s onwards could be lurking somewhere in a good quality vintage store. Search online and search on the high street. Her suits are especially sought after – her classic box jacket is one of the most versatile garments ever created looking as good with its matching skirt or alone with jeans or pencil skirt.

Iconic Designers - vintage chanel suit

vintage chanel suit

Hermes jackets & scarves

Hermes jackets could set you back at least £700, but if it’s in good condition it’s an investment. Again, like all the designers mentioned above, a Hermes jacket is a much coveted thing, from elaborately patterned jackets to boxed blazers, exquisitely cut, they’re for business or play, check sizes to make sure you have the right one, women’s bodies have changed, sizes haven’t.


Biba started off humble enough as a mail order catalog with simple wearable clothes, its first creation was the gingham shift dress which sold out very quickly. Its founder Barabara Hulanicki would open Biba’s first shop in 1964 in Kensington, London, and would go on to become a great success, becoming one of the best known iconic fashion brands.


Hard to find, but worth it, they are pure sixties gold, but costing a little bit more today than they would have when they were first created. A worthy find if you look hard enough. Please be careful when you buy online, check the text and email the seller.

Iconic fashion Designers – Ossie Clarke & Celia Birtwell

The last, but not least of our Iconic fashion designers is Ossie Clarke’s partnership with Celia Birtwell in the late sixties and early seventies was a match made in heaven. With Ossie’s designs and Birtwell’s textiles they created the most beautiful dresses that are still in demand today, again they can be expensive, but so worth it if you find one of their dresses.


The patterns, colors and shapes on Ossie’s floaty beautifully shaped maxi dresses were the thing to have in the hippy culture of the time. One of these dresses is a real find, but prices can vary from a few hundred to a couple of thousand. Be cautious, be careful and take your time, and when you do find it and it’s authentic, buy it and never let it go…..


I could go on, there’s 1950s dresses, Elsa Schiaparelli hats, Loris Azzaro ball gowns, Balenciaga dressing Spanish Royalty, but for now we have to stop there. Go forth and vintage shop and be happy…


emilio pucci Blouse

emilio pucci Blouse

Biba sixties dress