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Jean Seberg Movie style icon

January 26, 2015

For Jean Seberg style it’s all about the hair, or at least it starts with the hair. So if you’re not into short haircuts, as Seberg’s hair was seriously short, then perhaps this isn’t the look for you. Seberg’s style is all about a deviant devil-may-care attitude, elegance, understated chic and androgynous simplicity.

Jean Seberg Movie style icon

The hair is close-cropped with minimal make up, groomed eyebrows and there’s a lot of stripes. It’s a gamine, feminine look, while being boyish yet chic at the same time, a look which Seberg carried off effortlessly.

Hollywood beginnings

Jean Seberg made her debut as an actress in 1957, starting out with Hollywood movies, but it is her roles in French new wave films which people remember her most for.


As a result of her support of various civil rights group and her staunch support of human rights, it’s believed she was blacklisted by Hollywood, which some believe caused her to be turned down for a variety of Hollywood roles.

The first detailed compilation of the FBI’s campaign against international actress and champion of civil rights Jean Seberg.

Jean Seberg – French style

In France she adopted the understated elegance of French women, and created an original style of her own. Her wardrobe was full of classic looks that are still worn today, with baggy turned up jeans, peter pan collars, oversized jumpers and Capri pants. Looking at photos taken at the time, there are many stripes, stripes that come in either dresses, tees or long-sleeved tops.

Jean Seberg – The haircut tops off the look

Of course, the hair cut is an essential part of Jean Seberg’s look as well as the stripey tees. The hair is cut classically short and the make-up is immaculate but minimal. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are essential, as are beautifully made up eyes with top-heavy lashes and full lips. It’s a tricky look to pull off. It looks easy enough, but we’re talking less is more here, with make-up you can still see but is expertly applied. Lips are preferably red.

Stripes are a must

The stripey tee is a must for the Jean Seberg look and long sleeves are even better, with a wide neckline that can slope off the shoulder matched with cut off or rolled up denim jeans. Capri pants are great with over-size cable knit sweaters, and chunky cardigans look good with black skinny Capri pants and a beige vest underneath.

Skirts and dresses

If Jean Seberg wore a dress it usually had stripes and a peter pan collar, large or small. The waist was always held in with a belt and the skirt was full A line, the same for skirts – always A line and full. If she wore a jumper that wasn’t baggy and loose, it came with a slogan and fitted perfectly and narrowing at the waist.

Jean Seberg – Shirts

Jean Seberg’s shirts were always masculine and baggy and worn loose and untidy, the masculinity of the shirt contrasted beautifully with the gamine femininity of her face.


Don’t look as if you’ve tried too hard and although we know you have, you need make it look effortless and carefree, but with plenty of attitude.

“I have loved to the point of madness, that which is called madness, that which to me is the only sensible way to love.” ~Francoise Sagan


Jean Seberg sadly died far too young at the age of 40 in 1979 in Paris, her most famous roles are still remembered in Francois Sagan’s Bonjour Tristesse and Jean Luc Godard’s Breathless in 1960.




n a Bout de Souffle, 1960

breathless in striped dress in breathless

A bout de souffle (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960)

wearing black & white stripey tee

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg in Breathless. 1960s