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Carole Lombard – style Icon

April 27, 2015

Carole Lombard was the comedy film actress who stole Clark Gable’s heart and with her beautiful features and timeless style, lit up the screen with her many film roles.


Lombard wasn’t with us for long, sadly she died aged 33 in a plane crash, leaving Gable devastated.Lombard was born into a wealthy family in Indiana, USA, and signed her first contract at the age of 16 for Fox Film Corporation. Most of her roles were comedic in nature and it wasn’t long before she became the highest paid female star in the late 30s.

Carole Lombard – style Icon,chic funny and sophisticated


She was a natural beauty that looked just as good dressed casually as she did dressed up to the nines. She had great bone structure and the many pictures taken of her from the 20s to the 30s clearly demonstrate this.


Carole Lombard’s golden blonde waves and carefully arched brows were shown at their best in endless portraits taken by the big film studios of the time.


As was usual for the period, there was emphasis on accessories, glamour and smart separates. Her hair was teased into blonde waves in a side parting with finely shaped eyebrows in keeping with 20s and 30s make-up trends.

Fancy some Carole Lombard lux? Then read on…..

Sophistication and humour

She had an inbuilt sophistication with a larger than life personality which made her perfect for comedic roles.


The majority of her film wardrobe was created by Travis Banton, a successful costume designer who dressed many of Hollywood stars of the 30s and 40s. His clients were a who’s who of Hollywood actresses of the golden era including Marlene Dietrich, Clara Bow and Merle Oberon.


He helped Carole Lombard by giving her a more streamlined silhouette and used glamorous accessories to help achieve a stunning and effortless look. Materials he used included silk, satin, feathers, fur and sometimes lace.

Always well-groomed and well turned out

As you can imagine, Carole Lombard always looked immaculately turned out even when she was seen out and about off duty.


This is mainly because at this time it was usual for most women to be smartly dressed at all times, and were rarely seen dressed down as we would imagine it today, e.g. loose untidy hair, jeans, sneakers and sweatshirt. Although women did dress casually, it was still pretty dressed up in comparison to today’s dressed down look.


If you really want to achieve a Carole Lombard look for yourself then grooming is key. Hair must be waved and teased into place – it’s not easy to achieve this look and it can be high maintenance. Make up must also be immaculate with dark lips and eyes and long lashes. Hair is always side parted and frames the face.


Sometimes Lombard wore large hats and furs, which can be tricky if you’re just out shopping for groceries! It’s a good idea if you’re going to the races or you have a big celebration to attend, otherwise you can achieve a more pared down, subtle Lombard look with a little effort.

Well fitted dressed, pants and a little cleavage

Well fitted dresses, suits, high-waisted pants and well-fitting shirts create a dynamic silhouette. Sometimes there was daring cleavage in some of Carole Lombard’s gowns, but it was always tastefully done, and minimum flesh revealed. And Lombard always knew how to wear her clothes, with the minimum of fuss, a fun personality and seemingly charming lack of awareness of her own appeal.


Take a look and see if Carole Lombard’s 30s look is something you feel is right for you and start shopping for some seriously stylish 30s and 40s looks, and never take life too seriously.


Carole Lombard – comedy actress, style icon

Carole Lombard knew how to do smart casual

Carole Lombard – all white sophistication

Iconic shot of Carole Lombard for Life Magazine

Black or White, Lombard had it covered.