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Green AW 2015

August 23, 2015

As well as the reds, blues and greys, there’s plenty of military, emerald and khaki greens in this autumn’s green AW 2015 colour palette, and there’s no reason why you can’t add these colours successfully into your wardrobe this season.

Green AW 2015 colour palette 2015

Take a look online at Blue17 and you’ll see there’s plenty of green to choose from, and that’s good news for all vintage fans. You can dress fashionably and wear vintage.


Green is not for everyone and you don’t have to stick with this colour, because as we’ve seen, red, blue and grey provide some lively alternatives.


Before we look at the ways you can incorporate the colour green into your vintage wardrobe, let’s take a fun look at what green really means….

Green AW 2015 - 1960s vintage dress-Blue17-military green

1960s vintage dress- Blue17-military green

Green AW 2015-The psychology…

We’re told that green is the colour of harmony and balance and when you have the two we’re talking a sweet equilibrium and a balancing of the heart and mind.


Although autumn and winter sounds the death knell to the leaves on the trees and many creatures are hiding in their lairs for a spot of winter hibernation, green represents renewal, birth and the coming of spring.

70s Batik skirt, Blue17-great for autumn 2015

70s Batik skirt, Blue17-great for autumn 2015


So while you’re feeling the nip of winter on the horizon, those Green AW 2015 shirts and pants should help to remind you that spring is only around the corner…well a few months away then.

Let green help you go stress-free

We should be feeling relaxed and renewed when we’re in green, taking us away from the stresses of daily living.


It’s also described as a positive colour that can help encourage us to be more loving and nurturing.So you can feel fashionably vintage, nurturing AND calm and relaxed. Well, I’m convinced.

Who can wear green and what with?

You can combine green with other colours such as blue (great!), and red which is also great, because both these colours are in this season.Emerald green will combine beautifully with other shades and as khaki is in this winter, you’ll be able to combine them well with each other.


Of course, it also depends on how much you love green and how much you think you can wear in one outfit.

Bottle Green 50s dress - Blue17 great for Green AW 2015 Trends

Bottle Green 50s dress – Blue17 great for autumn 2015

Green AW 2015-Will it suit you?

While dark and fairer skins can wear green well, olive skin may not suit it.


Although as a fellow red head I avoided green for years, I can wear it now with confidence and having pale skin makes it really work for me.


For some reason all parents felt it incumbent upon themselves to dress redheaded children from head to toe in green.


So in time I rebelled against it, however it can look really good, especially darker and more khaki shades of greens.

Green AW 2015 – Vintage green

You’ll find there’s plenty of choice on Blue17 with varying shades of green, from bright emerald to khaki-almost-grey greens.


There’s dresses, skirts and plenty of tops so you’ve got plenty of choice.

Green AW 2015-Wearing vintage green

As usual, with vintage you can mix and match with contemporary pieces and wear what you like.


Skinny pants, cigarette/Capri pants, or contemporary skirts with vintage tops.

Green for day or night-Green - 50s style, either as a pattern or a block colour

Green for day or night-Green – 50s style, either as a pattern or a block colour


Remember the colours to wear with Green AW 2015 and you can dress it up with accessories to complete a truly modern bang-on trend look for autumn and winter.


Blue17 has a superb selection of tapestry bags from the 60s and 70s, fitting beautifully with this season’s handbag trend.Some come with shades of Green for AW 2015 and this will work really well with any shades of green you’re wearing.


Dress to please yourself and still be fashionable, that’s vintage for you.