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Womens Vintage dungarees

March 31, 2015

I’m in a quandary – can you wear dungarees after 16? I have images of Scout Finch kicking up dust on a hot summer’s day wearing a pair in To Kill a Mocking Bird. Do Womens vintage dungarees have a place in high fashion for the adult woman?

Womens denim dungarees

It’s true that they are bang on trend right now, but should a grown woman wear them, or do they belong in the playground where they should stay? Dungarees are like marmite – you either love them or hate them.

But read on to see how you can wear dungarees with style….

different looks for dungarees

different looks for dungarees

Wear Womens vintage dungarees right and you’ve got a great look

It’s not an easy look to get right, you can either bulk up too much, or just wear the wrong top underneath. Perhaps if you’re going down the dungarees route you should stick to simple tees and shirts.

They may look cute on children, but on an adult they can really work as long as whatever you choose to wear with them is carefully chosen.

indigo blue denim dungarees

indigo blue denim dungarees

Dress Womens vintage dungarees up or down

You can wear simple items and make them work, a crew neck sweater, it may seem boring, but you can dress it up with loafers and some gold accessories. A patterned sweater can also work, perhaps with sunnies, a pair of flats and some simple accessories.

You can dress them up for the office with a simple white shirt, pointy kitten heels and some simple gold accessories that’ll take you from morning to evening. Of course we are talking coloured denim here, perhaps black or grey.

Womens vintage dungarees in pale denim

Womens vintage dungarees in pale denim


For the evening, you can wear them tighter and in denim if you want, a nice indigo blue is good with a tight tee underneath and matched with a pair of converse trainers and simple makeup.

You may be on the fence still, as dungarees can be unflattering if you’re not careful, but with a little ingenuity, you can make them look ultra-feminine, dispensing with the myth that dungarees make you seem unfeminine.

Darker blue Womens vintage dungarees

Darker blue Womens vintage dungarees

Slim line Womens vintage dungarees can create a feminine silhouette

The trick is to opt for more slim line, tighter cut dungarees rather than the more traditional baggy ones we’re more familiar. With the trend for slimmer versions, you can get away with more chunky items underneath, especially if you have the height, or if you wear them with heels.

Different strokes.....

Different strokes…..

Vintage dungarees

If you’re opting for a more vintage style dungaree, be warned that they may be baggier, although you can take them in at the waist. Both the 80s and 90s have some slimmer versions of dungarees and in good quality denim. However, if you prefer them baggy anyway and you want them for their cut in order to achieve a particular look that’s reminiscent of a certain decade, then naturally, you’ll want them as they are.

Women’s vintage dungarees are bound provide more variety and better quality in terms of workmanship, as they haven’t been cobbled together quickly from cheap fabric in order to coincide with a particular trend.

Womens vintage dungarees worn with a vest

Womens vintage dungarees worn with a vest

Go with what you like and what you feel comfortable

Really, anything goes with Womens vintage dungarees, tight or oversized, traditional blue denim or coloured. It really rather depends on what you prefer to stick with if you’re going to wear them at all.

Personally, the 90s is the perfect decade for dungarees offering slim fit or oversized in some gorgeous shades of denim blue. So if you’re going to invest in dungarees, and you like vintage, then a pair of women’s vintage dungarees are the way to go.

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