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What are the best motorcycle jacket brands in the world, you ask?

November 12, 2018

If you want to know what are the best motorcycle jacket brands, look no further. We have the top-selling brands all in one place, ready for you to explore!


Helping you figure out what are the best motorcycle jacket brands out there, we have pulled together a wealth of information on jacket designs, touring jackets with waterproof liners, mesh jackets, textile jackets and so much more on the top trends and options in the motorcycle jacket world.

Top motorcycle jacket brands video

To really find out what are the best motorcycle jacket brands on the market today, you need only to take a look at any number of related videos on YouTube. The ones that run on the Ezvid Wiki platform, which have exploded from a small forum into the largest video wiki site in the world today, are particularly informative.

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands – Top 5 motorcycle jacket brands

If you want to know what are the best motorcycle jacket brands based on customer reviews, here are the top 5 hits in the world today:

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands – Joe Rocket Cruiser Jackets

This iconic design house adds tons of personality into everything they create.The Joe Rocket riding jacket offers you great value at an affordable price. This leather jacket boasts superior quality that looks really cool. A well-made, well-chosen addition to your wardrobe, it combines drum-dyed cowhide, armoured pockets, a storm flag and YKK zippers for added edge and a high level of protection. The removable internal wind breaker makes it an all-season garment that lets you stay warm in winter and keep cool in summer.

Alpinestars Cruiser Jackets

Alpinestars creates a highly durable motorcycle jacket, worn by racing champions and other hard-working motorcycle jacket wearers. Look for superb fit and finish, premium quality leather that looks even better as it ages, elbow and shoulder protection and pre-curved sleeves for added comfort.

Black Brand Cruiser Jackets

The Black Brand motorcycle jacket offers you the authentic biker look with a modern spin. This is the brand to choose to show off your attitude.   This leather jacket fits perfectly, helps you stay warm, includes zippered sleeves for a custom fit and has a reflective black trim for added style.

Roland Sands Design Cruiser Jackets

The Roland Sands Design motorcycle jacket is great performance gear with plenty of style as well. It offers you lined security pockets for your electronics, pre-curved sleeves, waxed cowhide for exceptional abrasion resistance and optional armour pockets on shoulders, back and elbows.

Z1R Cruiser Jackets

Z1R offers lots of value for your money. This motorcycle jacket is ideal for bikers that are looking for authentic biker style. Rugged and layered, this riding jacket ensures you will stay warm in inclement weather and look cool doing so.

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands – Motorcycle jacket best of breed

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands in the world today, you ask? We’ve got the answers for you – explore these top brands now:


  1. REV’IT
  2. Dainese
  3. KLIM
  4. Rynox
  5. AlpineStars
  6. Cortech
  7. Joe Rocket
  8. ICON
  9. Sedici
  10. BiLT
  11. Helstons


  • REV’IT

REV’IT Sport International focuses on the design and creation of high-technology armoured motorcycle wear for motorcycle jacket This global company works out of North America, Europe and Asia, was created in 1995 and is the fastest-growing biker clothing brand in the world today.


REV’IT’s products are very innovative, based on advanced design and manufacturing concepts, including 3D designs that integrate advanced fabrics like Seesoft armour, SuperFabric, Hydratex and Gore-Tex, giving you a very comfortable and very protective motorcycle jacket.


  • Dainese

Dainese has a vast product line that includes riding jacket and motorcycle jacket options, as well as touring jackets with waterproof liners and even textile jackets. Everyone can find what they are looking for here.


Dianese has long been an icon in the motorcycle jacket industry, from the 1970s to today.


  • KLIM


KLIM leads the way in creating, producing and selling the most advanced sports apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts as well as snowmobile aficionados.   Expect waterproof liners, abrasion resistance material and stay warm fabrications in their motorcycle jacket options.


  •  Rynox

The Rynox motorcycle company identified and filled a gap in the durable luggage market in India. They have since expanded beyond high-quality luggage and into motorcycle gear, including highly stylized and trendy motorcycle jacket options, based on the owners’ personal experiences and sense of style, sure to appeal to the trendsetting motorcycle jacket enthusiast.


  • Alpinestars

Alpinestars is renowned for its motor and action sportswear lines. Created in the early 60s in Europe, this iconic brand provides motorcycle jacket options for Formula One, NASCAR, WEC and MotoGP contenders.


Known for the high level of protection built into its leather jacket, motorcycle jacket and other racing gear, this company is the leading provider of safety-focused garments in the auto racing and motorcycle jacket industry.


  • Cortech

Cortech is a major player in the United States of America, known for their motorcycle luggage and iconic motorcycle jacket, based on their protective, high-performance Coretech fabrications.


Look for all your motorcycle clothes and accessories at this provider, from their leather jacket, to gloves, to racing suits. All their designs are based on customer feedback and constantly being improved to meet their consumers’ needs.


  • Joe Rocket

Created in the early 90s, the Joe Rocket company offers you outstanding styles and functionality all in one package.   Look for a wide variety of fabrics and colours in their textile jackets, touring jackets motorcycle jackets and leather jackets.


Their motorcycle jackets come with armour, reflective strips and rugged durability, ensuring the perfect blend of a high level of protection with superior fashion flair.


  • ICON

ICON is another well-known American company that offers a full range of streetwear from helmets, gloves and jackets to pants and shoes. Their motorcycle jacket is designed for the streetwear savvy consumer whose catwalk is the street.


Hand-tailored one-of-a-kind products offer durability with style for the professional motorcyclist.


  • Sedici

Sedici is an Italian designer of affordable motorcycle wear for customers on a budget. They have a motorcycle jacket option for everyone, whether you are a hardcore off-road rider, a track rider, a street rider, or someone looking out for the perfect leather jacket


Known for their all-in-one racing suits, and head-to-toe motorcycle wear, this company caters to both off-road and on-street riders with a range of textiles and leathers.


  • BiLT

BiLT is known for top-of-the-line quality in the motorcycle jacket options it offers you. Look for a leather jacket, textile jackets, touring jackets and much more in their jacket range. These options come with waterproof liners as well as mesh jackets to keep you dry and warm whatever the weather.


  • Helstons

Helstons makes a superior motorcycle jacket and is one of the oldest and best-loved brands in Europe. With waterproof liners and abrasion resistance built into their products, you can be sure you are getting the best quality choices. They are also well known for their leather treatments to keep their leather jackets supple and soft.

Motorcycle clothing and equipment photo

Motorcycle clothing and equipment

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands – Motorcycle jacket money matters

What are the best motorcycle jacket brands that let you feel the savings blow into your bank account?


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