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A revival of vintage style workwear in UK establishments

April 6, 2019

The popularity of vintage inspired clothing and accessory designs mean that more and more office-goers are embracing vintage style workwear in UK workplaces.


The number of people in the workforce, wearing vintage style clothing and accessories is on the rise. And this phenomenon isn’t just restricted to metropolitan cities like London. You’ll see styles of vintage workwear in UK offices and commercial establishments everywhere.

Oxfam recycling banks

Oxfam recycling banks

The rising popularity of vintage style

Across the UK, it seems as though “vintage” has suddenly become the “in thing”! The popularity of vintage style workwear in UK offices and workplaces has seen a resurgence like never before. For instance, when British charity organisation Oxfam established its online vintage style section, traffic to the site, and sales from the site, surged 400%!


So, what’s behind the popularity of vintage workwear, and why are so many from the workforce gravitating towards vintage style workwear in the UK? Well, the answer isn’t very surprising at all!


Fashion almost always swings from one era to another, and vintage style isn’t any different. What was popular during one era, quickly becomes not so chic in another, but has a resurgence in the next era. The era of vintage inspired fashion has made a comeback and, if past trends are any judge, it’ll stick around for a while!

Vintage style workwear - Worker in overalls, Leipzig, 1952 Photo credit Roger and Renate Rössing

Worker in overalls, Leipzig, 1952

Sourcing vintage style workwear in the UK

Vintage-loving individuals in Britain’s workforce have a lot of choice when it comes to embracing vintage style for the workplace. Whether it’s buying online from the comfort of your home, or taking a trip to the mall and shopping in-person, you have lots of options to shop for vintage era clothes and accessories.


For the true connoisseur of vintage style, only originally designed pieces from a bygone era will do. Nothing else will get them up in the morning to dress for work. They want the “real deal”, and vintage inspired contemporary designs just won’t cut it for them.


But then, you will also see some of your colleagues wearing vintage style workwear in UK offices and shops – and proudly showing off their wardrobes. For them, it doesn’t matter that they aren’t wearing true vintage pieces. As long as it’s vintage inspired, they are happy to wear them to work!

So, where would you look for vintage style workwear in the UK?

Women's Autumn fashion, 1964

Women’s Autumn fashion, 1964

True vintage style at its best!

If you are one of those authentic vintage style lovers, then you’ll love shopping at True Vintage – guaranteed! The selections here represent iconic vintage names, including Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren…and many more!


From Shirts, Dresses, T-shirts and Polo Shirts, to Coats, jackets and vests – you’ll have access to the broadest set of vintage style workwear in the UK under a single roof. And if your work takes you to the outdoors, you’ll even find vintage style clothing that includes shorts, tracksuits, Dungarees, Hoodies and sweatshirts.


And for those wishing to accessorize their vintage style workwear for UK offices and other establishments, you’ve got even more choice waiting for you at True Vintage. From bags and hats, to earrings, necklaces, watches and sunglasses – everything you need to pull of that authentic vintage style for the office is right at your fingertips.

Vintage style workwear - National liberation skirt 5 May, 1945

National liberation skirt 5 May, 1945

Vintage inspired fashion revival

It’s not just authentic vintage style that’s being popularized across offices and shopping malls. Contemporary designs for vintage style workwear in the UK are also being inspired by fashion from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. And that’s exactly what Fitzrovia, London-based The Revival Retro Boutique is all about.


The minds behind this retro-themed outlet are proud of their vintage inspired designs from a bygone era.  Their repertoire of brands include international names like Trashy Diva, Stop Staring!, ReMix Vintage Shoes and Emmy Design, among a host of others.


As specialist providers of vintage style workwear for UK workers, vintage-lovers will do well to get their vintage style clothing and accessories from Revival Retro. Why? Well, for one, they’ll likely cost a fraction of what original vintage pieces of similar design. Most importantly though, these vintage inspired designs aren’t old, second-hand, slightly used or fragile. They are brand new pieces, designed and created to look just like the originals you see in old Hollywood movies!

High-end workwear for the UK workforce

Of course, High Street fashion offers plenty of vintage style choices too.  Outlets like Zara have a wide selection of workwear that can provide you everything you need – from top to toe…and in between!


And there’s Marks & Spencer’s too, from where you can source more formal vintage style workwear for UK office wear. Whether it’s a woolen sweater, a pair of classic wide-legged black trousers, or high-quality knitted outerwear. You’ll even find some great vintage inspired accessories, like snakeskin flats and earrings, that can complement your work wardrobe nicely.


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