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How to make your workwear jacket the centrepiece of your wardrobe

August 31, 2019

A good workwear jacket is essential for anyone who works outdoors, or if you have a long commute to work. Choose the right one to complement your work wardrobe.


You typically choose a workwear jacket for its practicality and functionality. Usually, the work jacket is one that works outdoors equally as well as it does for you in indoors applications. For instance, waterproof and wind resistant jackets make great outerwear for outdoors workers, while jackets from other top brands can keep you comfortable behind a desk.


But workwear jacket functionality can also go hand-in-hand with fashion and style, and we’ll show you how!

A work jacket for all needs

It matters not whether your work takes you into the great outdoors, or whether you’re working snugly indoors, there’s a workwear jacket out there that’ll fit your needs.


From hi-vis pieces to specialist outerwear that works in all weathers, and from wind resistant and waterproof jackets to fleece and soft-shell ones for casual wear – you’ll find exactly what you need if you know how and where to look.


Choosing jackets from top brands doesn’t necessarily mean the outerwear you buy will fit your needs. To get a perfect match, you need to know what you need and understand who can provide it.



Know your workwear jacket makers

Before you go out and buy a piece of clothing, like a durable, long-lasting work jacket, it’s important for you to know what’s available and who designs and manufactures them.


Names like Helly Hansen, Carhartt, Firewall and Dakota are high-end work jacket manufacturers. And, if you find something from them that fits your needs, and if you can afford it, there’s nothing wrong in patronising these top brands.


But for anyone who works outdoors and is looking for other price-points, there are other options available:



workwear jacket from Cro Jack Company, UK. 

If you are looking for a workwear jacket that won’t cost you too much, you could look for something available at Cro Jack Company, UK. Proudly English-made, this selection doesn’t necessarily come from manufacturers of top brands.  But the beauty of sourcing your work jacket from places like Cro Jack’s is that you’ll have an equally versatile selection, and you’ll pay less – much less!


From the classic Coach jacket and the stylish, smart and fashionable Flight Bomber jacket, to a modernised version of the 1960s-inspired Hendon Harrington. It’s all there. On blustery days, your wind resistant workwear jacket from Cro Jack will keep you warm. And for anyone who works outdoors, there are waterproof selections that will keep you dry in the rain or snow.

British heritage-steeped workwear jacket from Barbour

John Barbour established J. Barbour & Sons in South Shields back in 1894. Because the target audience was fishermen, sailors and anyone who works outdoors – like rivermen and shipyard workers, Barbour’s workwear jacket of the time reflected everything that the great outdoors demanded of outerwear:


  • Functionality


  • Durability


  • Affordability


  • Accessibility


Today, Barbour is one of the top brands when it comes to designing and marketing the work jacket. And while the company has a global footprint, much of the production still continues on in the U.K.


Maintaining its focus on the outdoors, there’s a Barbour workwear jacket for almost every need. There’s a line of elegant waxed jackets designed with modern trends in mind.


But for anyone that works outdoors, you’ll also find smart wind resistant and waterproof jackets that are both functional and stylish.

 Dickies Cambridge Jacket

Dickies Cambridge Jacket

Timeless Dickies workwear jacket

With Dickies, there’s no need for an introduction. Anyone that works outdoors knows the name. While not as “dated” as Helly Hansen (which was established 140+ years ago in Norway), Dickies has easily become the go-to brand for affordable women’s and mens work jacket needs.


Since its inception back in 1922, the company has worked hard to establish itself as one of the top brands for rugged outerwear. It matters not whether you work in the trades or are a professional outdoor sports lover – you’re bound to find a workwear jacket for your needs. From lightweight wind resistant outerwear, to two-tone softshell jackets, Dickies makes them all.


Someone who works outdoors will likely have safety high-up on their minds. The Dickies outdoor work jacket collection has you in mind with a wide array of jackets designed and manufactured just for your needs. Their Hi Vis jackets can fit the needs of just about any outdoors trade. And their wind resistant Motorway Safety jackets will keep you safe on dimly-lit roadways and foggy nights.


For a more “in-doorsy” look, choose a tailored Wakefield reflective jacket from Dickies. Like the ones available from any of the top brands, this jacket makes a great complement to an indoors ensemble, but unlike some options available, you can put this workwear jacket to great outdoor use as well.

Cofra Bruxelles Canvas Jacket

Cofra Bruxelles Canvas Jacket

Gigantic workwear jacket choices from Mammoth Workwear

Mammoth Workwear is a one-stop-shop for everything related to your workwear jacket needs.  If you are looking for mens or womens outer wear, chances are that you’ll find something affordable and comfortable right here. Their carefully curated selection of jackets mean that you won’t need to look anywhere else for accessing your favourite top brands.


The Cofra Bruxelles Canvas Work Jacket is a smartly designed piece of outerwear that features under-arm nets, a front pocket, a pen pocket and a tool loop. Made from 100% cotton canvas, it has adjustable wrists and an adjustable waist. For anyone that works outdoors, this piece of outerwear offers plenty of storage space, with wide bottom pockets and equally spacious breast pockets.


You’ll also find workwear jacket selections from Carhartt and many other top brands at Mammoth Workwear.  The Carhartt Men’s Duck Chore Coat is an ideal selection for anyone looking for wind resistant outerwear in a variety of work environments. Built with 12 oz heavyweight material, this work jacket offers lots of storage space to carry wrenches, tape measures, notepads and other tools around the worksite.


Building your centrepiece With Your workwear jacket

So, how do you ensure your workwear jacket truly becomes the centrepiece of your wardrobe? Well, there are four golden rules that anyone who works outdoors should follow when evaluating their choice of jackets:


  • Fit for purpose:

The jacket you are looking for must be fit for the purpose of its intended use. If you work in the trades are want your outerwear to protect you from chilly gusts and high winds, then a wind resistant jacket is what you need. Nothing else will do!


  • Safety first:

A work jacket isn’t just a piece of clothing. It can, in fact, go a long way in ensuring the health and safety of anyone who works outdoors. So, look for features like Hi Visibility and Reflective patches to guarantee your safety when on a worksite.


  • Sized to fit…and fit for wear:

Just because you own a workwear jacket from some of the top manufacturers or designers, doesn’t mean that it fits the bill for what you want. A work jacket that’s too small can restrict mobility, while loose-fitting, overly large jackets don’t make exceptionally good wind resistant Besides, loose clothing can get entangled in work equipment. Make sure yours is sized to fit and safe to wear.


  • Priced to perfection:

A Helly Hansen Magni 3 Layer Shell Jacket can set you back as much as £ 276.00, while there are options from Cro Jack Company, UK that could cost as little as £ 120. The point of choosing top brands, however, is that there is a certain amount of cachet to it – and that’s what you pay for. When the workwear jacket you choose gives you the value-for-money you are looking for, you’ll know it’s priced to perfection


Of course, anyone who works outdoors will value all the protection and flexibility that his/her outerwear offers. But any centrepiece to a wardrobe should also accommodate style and fashion.

So, when choosing your work jacket, make sure you pay attention to shape, cut, style and colour too. These elements must seamlessly blend with other wardrobe pieces.


Barbour Waxed Cotton Hiker X Jacket

Classic Bedale Barbour waxed jacket


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