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Vintage Denim Jackets

December 4, 2015

Vintage Denim jackets are a trend that will never fade. Whether you love dark, light or coloured denim, there is a huge selection of on trend examples to add to your collection.

Lee, Levi, Wrangler Vintage Denim Jackets

Vintage Denim Jackets-looking good in Levis jackets from Blue17

Rico & Kiko-Levis jackets from Blue17


Second-hand classics are the cream of the crop when it comes to picking the perfect addition to your wardrobe and here at Blue17 vintage we have a fabulous selection of cool and classic vintage denim jackets to inspire your next look.

Guys wearing Levis fleece jackets

Guys wearing Levis fleece jackets


There are a selection of eclectic vintage denim jackets to choose from including Cropped, over-sized and fitted styles. Each era has seen denim jackets flourish with specific styles complimenting your look whether you want to exude a grungy 90s style or show off rocking 50s vibes. One of the most popular and well-know brands is Levi’s. This classic and original iconic trend once designed for utility and practicality is now a staple outerwear piece oozing innate coolness. The rockabilly era of the 1950’s saw denim jackets reach a new height of recognition with James Dean regularly clad in this on trend staple.

Light blue Levis corduroy fleece jacket

Rico wears Light blue Levis corduroy jacket from Blue17

Well known denim jacket brands

There were other key brands of vintage denim jackets that brought this iconic trend to light and each had individual styling and design. On the outside each jacket may look similar to another but the finer detail including the weight of the denim, pocket design, coloring’s and even down to the buttons makes each piece uniquely distinct.These brands included Oshkosh another famous American company that originally made denim garments for farmers and railroad workers. Lee and Wrangler are another firm favourite for laid back, cool pieces giving you a relaxed and comfortable choice in fashion.

Kiko-navy blue Levis jacket from Blue17

Kiko-navy blue Levis jacket from Blue17


Vintage denim jackets will always be a key feature in trends whatever the season, take a look at our selection for the best examples.