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Discover the truth about what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans

November 11, 2019

From shrink to fit jeans brands, to high-waist and the skinny jean designs, we’ll look at them all closely, and explore what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans available today?

what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans - Selvage denim

Selvage denim

What are the best brands of raw-denim jeans

However, before trying to determine what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans we first need to understand denim brands, and what distinguishes good brands from “best brands”. It’s all about the manufacturing process, and we’ll break down the mystery surrounding denim brands that truly deserve the “best brands” label.

Understanding the basics of denim brands

Raw selvedge denim, also called dry denim, is a fabric that’s never been wet or worked-upon in any form, before the garment is produced and sold. The idea is that, in its “raw” form, the wearer determines how he/she would like their jeans (or other garments made from raw selvedge denim) to evolve.


And what does that mean? Well, high quality brands made from raw denim like wearers to decide how their clothing will age, how and where fading will occur, and the places from where they will rip, tear or wear-off. Typically, shrink to fit jeans would fall in this category, because they use materials like raw selvedge denim, and do not apply any washing or shrinking process to the fabric.


And by manufacturing their jeans from fabric that’s left untouched, many denim brands empower their buyers to make that decision. As a result, such brands naturally fall into the category of “best brands”.


And how does that impact consumers perceptions of what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans? One word: Personalisation!

Spinning frames, White Oak Cotton Mills. Greensboro, N.C, 1909

Spinning frames, White Oak Cotton Mills. Greensboro, N.C, 1909

What are the best brands of raw-denim jeans – Individualization

Just like workwear vintage clothing lovers, people that wear jeans love their clothes to “look and feel” like their own personalities. For instance, a skinny jean lover might like a tear to appear at the knees, while someone that prefers a straight leg cut might want his/her jeans to be frayed at the hem. It’s all about personal choice and preferences.


When individuals get to determine how a pair of jeans ages, they feel a sense of attachment to the brand. Denim brands that produce clothes that give customers that ability to choose, for instance producers of raw selvedge denim jeans, are therefore considered a cut-above their competition. Because they use dry denim, they are perceived to be making jeans of a higher quality, and consumers determine they are the best denim brands to own and wear.

Countdown to the best raw denim brands

So, what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans, and which manufacturers offer them? Well, based on the latest jeans trend, we’ll take a look at a few producers who truly deserve the label of “best brand”. While many of them are contemporary denim brands, some of the designs are inspired by vintage clothing and retro fashion.

Lean Dean Straight Leg jeans - Nudie Jeans

Lean Dean Straight Leg jeans – Nudie Jeans

  • Lean Dean Straight Leg jeans from Nudie Jeans

Swedish denim brands have always commanded a high respect from the masses. Nudie Jeans, a Swedish manufacturer from Gothenburg, offers a great pair of selvedge denim jeans that is very popular in the mass market. This slim-fit version has a mid waist, and comes with a zipped-fly. From the thigh down to the ankles, this one runs slimly down the leg.


The great thing about this pick of ours is, that not only is it available in raw selvedge denim, but also in traditional dry denim, as well as a range of washed denim choices.


Ask any denim head, that knows their straight-fit jeans, what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans, and chances are that Lean Dean from Nudie Jeans will likely be high on his/her list! If you plan on buying this pair of selvedge denim jeans, make sure you look for the orange stitching pattern on the rear pockets – a signature that confirms high quality.

Fearless Freddie Dry Selvage Jeans - Nudie Jeans

Fearless Freddie Dry Selvage Jeans – Nudie Jeans

  • Fearless Freddie Dry Selvage Jeans – Loose Anti Fit from Nudie Jeans

And while we’re talking Nudie Jeans, we can’t but help discuss their Fearless Freddie, made from raw selvedge denim. Like many popular Japanese brands, the Fearless uses 13.25 Oz. Japanese Kaihara selvedge denim, and has its signature orange thread on all seams.


This is a higher quality loose anti-fit jean than many other Nudie peers produce, and can easily be made part of a contemporary work or casual wardrobe. The button fly, gunmetal trims and leather patch, comfortable fit and mass market appeal – all puts Fearless Freddie into our list of top denim brands that easily qualify for the “best brands” title.

M5 Low Rise Slim - 3X1

M5 Low Rise Slim – 3X1

  • M5 Low Rise Slim from 3X1

3×1 may not be on everyone’s list, but any denim head that’s plugged into the latest jeans trend will definitely swear by the brand. Its philosophy is typical of many lesser-known Japanese brands, and its products are of a higher quality than those playing in the same league.


So, what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans available from 3×1? Well, our money is on the M5 Low Rise Slim. 3×1 also manufacturers high quality denim too, so the company is very discerning when it comes to picking the fabric that goes into each of its denim brands.


The M5 Low Rise Slim is made of a Cotton/Lycra (90%:2%) blend, and is manufactured from xx70 raw selvedge denim. This pair of selvedge denim jeans uses 12 oz. denim imported from Kurabo – a supplier that provides their fabric to many other well-known Japanese brands.


For the more discerning denim head that wants to personalize their jeans, 3×1 offers a custom design service. Whether it’s a skinny jean, a high-rise or a straight leg design that you need, if you can envision it, the jean-artists at 3×1’s New York City facility will create it for you.

what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans - 1966 501 Jeans - Levi’s

1966 501 Jeans – Levi’s

  • Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1966 501 Jeans

Anyone watching vintage brands will likely attest to Levi Strauss & Co’s 1966 501 denim brands when asked what are the best brands of raw-denim jeans – guaranteed! Anyone out in San Francisco between 1966 and 1971 (the official lifespan of the 1966 501) was privileged with a limited-run pair of raw selvedge denim jeans, manufactured from denim produced by North Carolina-based Levi brand partner Cone Mills.


The 1966 501 has since been in great demand, largely due to its high quality and long-lastingness.


In the contemporary version of their 1966 501 denim brands, Levi’s has recreated one its classic vintage clothing designs – down to the last stitch.


The classic bar tack stitches on the back pocket, which substitute the traditional rivets, button fly, use of horse leather-like patches, and its’ 5-pocket design is reminiscent of Levi’s popular selvedge denim jeans were manufactured over 100 years ago.


These 1966 501 jeans are made from 100% cotton, non-stretch raw selvedge denim that will fade out and change its appearance as time goes by.


If you are a lover of vintage clothing, and passionate about recreating that “Summer of Love” experience, then this is the best brand of raw-denim jeans for you.


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