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The right work jacket can deliver water resistance, wind protection and practicality

August 19, 2019

From water resistance and wind protection, to light-weather wear and practicality – the right work jacket can deliver it all, as long as you know what to look for!


Let’s face it: When we go out to shop for a work jacket, most of us don’t really carry a “Must Have” check list around with us. Sure, we might know – in broad terms – that we are looking for a nice soft shell jacket.  Or, we may even go out to shop for work coats for specific use – like a nice wind resistant jacket. Beyond that, we don’t really care!


That’s not really the best way to get value for money spent on workwear coats. We’ll help you understand what a “nice” work jacket looks like, and what you should look for before you settle for one.

Qualities of a Good Work Jacket

So, what should one look for in a work jacket? And what qualities would endear someone to some work coats over others? Besides the fact that any form of outerwear you buy should be pleasing to the eye, what else should one look for before committing to purchase one for their work wardrobes?


Let’s explore these questions further.


Typically, men and women look at work coats as accessories.  And by definition, your choice of an accessory will depend on a number of factors, including what the centre-piece of your outfit looks like.


For instance, if it’s a mild day outside, and you choose a light cotton shirt, then a soft shell jacket might make an ideal accessory. Conversely though, if it’s a relatively cold day, then you might be wearing multiple lighter layers. In that case, you might accessorise your outfit with a thicker work jacket.


You may also choose your outerwear accessories based on the overall combo of the work outfits you usually wear. So, darker coloured work trousers usually go well with darker outer wear. If dark colours suit you, then a black, navy blue or brown work jacket might be a great accessory.

Blue Wash Work Jacket

Blue Wash Work Jacket

Work Jacket 101 – What to Look For?

Generally speaking, here’s what you should look for when choosing work coats and jackets:


Weather conditions

  • You often dress based on weather conditions. Therefore, it’s wise to have at least two types of coats in your wardrobe. A thick winter coat serves well on cold, windy days. A lighter, soft shell jacket can be pressed into service in milder climate or turn-of-the-weather months.


  • If it’s a particularly windy place where you live, or on especially breezy days, a nice wind resistant coat will prove to be a great companion. A double-breasted work jacket with bottom drawstrings would work nicely too!


  • When it rains, it pours! And when that happens, waterproof jackets are your best defence – especially if it’s a particularly gusty day that renders umbrellas useless!


  • While a soft shell jacket might be adequate to keep you warm and dry, pay particular attention to how the garment is finished. Often, water seeps in through the seams of a jacket. To keep wind and water at bay, a really good work jacket should have taped seams.


  • The length of your outerwear might also weigh in on whether you should buy it or not. If you are “brolly shy”, then work coats that are knee-high or longer may be what to look for. They’ll fend off wind gusts from the lower half of your body, while also keeping your work trousers relatively dry.


  • Finally, some of us aren’t really “glove people” – unless it’s an especially chilly day. A work jacket with a pair of side or flap pockets might be just what you want to keep those hands warm and toasty.


Of course, it might not be possible for you to get everything you need in the work coats you finally end up buying. However, knowing what to look for, like taped seams or water proofing qualities, put you in a great position to make wise quality and price conscious trade-offs.

Black cotton work jacket

Black cotton work jacket

Sourcing Your Ideal Jacket

So, where do you go to get good quality work coats that have most (if not all!) of the features you are looking for? Well, here are a few recommendations to start you off:


  • If you are an outdoors person, then ScrewFix might be the place for you to start your search for the perfect work jacket. You’ll find a huge variety of coats and jackets for all weather conditions.


  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not head over to Dickies Store and check out their selection of work coats and jackets. If it’s waterproof jackets that you are looking for, then Dickies has a great selection of jackets with taped seams that ensure wet weather protection.


  • For a lighter work jacket that can easily blend with existing work trousers from your wardrobe, try visiting Indigo Blues & Co. Their Double-Breasted Terry Jacket may be ideal for work and evening wear.


  • And if you don’t know what you want, then Mammoth Workwear is the place to head to. Their work coats and jackets are well organised and categorised to make it simple to browse and search. From soft shell jackets and bodywarmers, to winter coats and waterproof jackets – you’ll find them all listed under appropriate sections.


Before you head out to buy that perfect work jacket, especially if plan to buy online: Read the Terms of Return carefully.


Stone Ridge Work Jacket


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