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Womens vintage leather jackets

July 11, 2015

I think fashion can be both temporary and mercurial – unless you live permanently in a fashion world, you sometimes don’t know where you are with it. Womens vintage leather jackets however are like denim – it’s never out of fashion and it’s always making an appearance in each decade. All it does is change shape slightly – there’s never much deviation in colour with the traditional black being the mainstay of most Women’s vintage leather jackets.

Womens vintage leather jackets – the 60s

Having said that the 60s did give us brown leather jackets. Not everyone’s cup of tea but interesting. If you like this shade then try it but you’ll need to match it with shoes, boots and bags. For women we’re talking long fitted jackets, fringes and for men – bomber jackets again with a preponderance of brown and tan, also fitted jackets, complete with belts.

Womens vintage leather jackets – the 1970s

Again in the 70s we’re talking brown and tan with fitted jackets being the norm, bomber jackets with collars, long fitted jackets with belts and large pockets.

Womens vintage leather jackets - 1970s

Womens vintage leather jackets – 1970s

Womens vintage leather jackets –the 1980s

This decade brings us padded shoulders, bomber jackets, fitted, with greys and blacks and metallic shades. Sometimes they came cropped in keeping with this very 80s trend, we’re also seeing batwing and puff sleeves.

Womens vintage leather jackets – the 1990s

We’re talking big and baggy, large baggy pockets and collarless deconstructed minimalist jackets, there were colours, but black was the predominant shade.

21st century leather

Womens vintage leather jackets are stylish and classy, to the waist, elegant biker jackets either collarless, or some come with small or larger ostentatious fur collars. There’s plenty of zips, some with peplums and some without. The 21st century leather jacket embraces the past and the future and offers up a variety of colours – but black is always the statement colour, it goes with anything and it’s easy to match.

Womens vintage leather jackets– any time, any place

However, colours are in too and if you want to wear a coloured leather jacket then there’s plenty of choice. The beauty of leather is how versatile it is, and like denim, can change shape and colour, chameleon-like, to suit its surroundings it and happily blend into whatever trend that’s doing the rounds, due to its soft malleability and flexible form. With such a wide and stylish choice of leather jackets it’s easy to see why vintage leather is an excellent choice, for it will not only look original, but at the same time, never be completely out of place either, while looking utterly fabulous.

Womens vintage leather jackets-Biker jacket heaven

Biker jackets are no longer the remit of the heavily bearded biker. A biker jacket can look elegant thrown over the shoulders of a carefully chosen cocktail dress, while looking every bit as good matched with denim cut off shorts or a pair of skinny jeans. It can be dressed up or down. It’s so good it deserves a section of all its own.


It is Irving Schott that games us the biker jacket in 1928. And it was called Perfecto, and what a magnificent name it was, attractive as well as functional with its strong leather and zip up front providing a shield from the wind, rain and snow while on the back of a motorcycle. The name came from Schott’s favourite cigar. And ever since then the biker jacket has been exactly that – perfecto.

In fact you could say that about most leather jackets…..


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Yes, Marilyn Monroe wore a leather jacket – even if it was only once.
Womens vintage leather jackets – 1990s Helena Christensen style
21st century leather
Biker Jacket supreme – Marlon Brando

Womens vintage leather jacket – 1980s