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Denim dudes – an up-close look into the fascinating denim industry

December 27, 2019

If you’ve ever owned a pair of jeans and loved them, then you’ll fall in love with what Denim dudes has to offer you – an insider’s view into the denim industry

At Denim Dudes, you’ll find everything you need to know about that favourite pair of jeans that you never want to take off!  And if you love jeans, then the book Denim Dudes by Amy Leverton will fascinate you even more – guaranteed!

Men's blue jeans

Men’s blue jeans

Denim Dudes – A love story about denim

Have you ever owned a pair of jeans that you believed were made just for you? If so, haven’t you wondered how the wheels of the denim industry churn, and who the talented people behind it are? Well, now you can get a front row seat as this fascinating mystery is unravelled.


Thanks to the efforts of Amy Leverton, the owner and the inspiration behind Denim Dudes, denim lovers have easy access to a huge collection of all things denim. The website is an insightful expose of the lives and passion of the individuals that make the denim industry turn around.  You’ll see their love story with denim come alive in the form of photographs, videos and interviews – all under one roof.


And no one is better placed than Amy Leverton to tell her audience this love story. She’s been intimately involved in the denim industry since 2003, and has played many roles in that time. From designing and trend forecasting, to consulting…and everything in-between. Amy has done it all.


And during that time, she has learned a lot about the industry and the people behind it. From Miles Johnson and Adriano Goldschmied, to other famous personalities – if there’s a dude behind anything denim-related, this seminal book has it covered! And Amy’s book Denim Dudes takes you even deeper into the denim world.

honeycomb fades on blue denim jeans

honeycomb fades on denim jeans

Beyond just a web site

In 2015, Amy Leverton did something extraordinary. She brought out her book Denim Dudes, as a tribute to all of those talented and passionate individuals that strive to make denim what it is today – a resilient fashion statement that’s withstood the test of time.


This is a street style book that gets up-close and personal into some of the most intimate aspects of the lives of those dudes behind denim. And based on how well the book – and its companion denim related website – is being received, it looks like Mission Accomplished for Amy Leverton.

Honeycomb fades on the front of a paiir of Full Count japanese selvedge denim jeans

Honeycomb fades

Street Style Vintage Workwear Obsession

So, how did Ms. Leverton get from denim trend forecasting and fashion designing, to author extraordinaire? Happenstance – actually! A friend, who knew well the immense knowledge and experience Amy had of the denim industry, mentioned she should write about it. And the next thing you know Ms. Leverton had produced her book Denim Dudes – Street Style Vintage Workwear Obsession.


As a true connoisseur of all things denim, Amy Leverton wanted to create something with a difference – not just a historical account of how a pair of jeans came to be. She tapped that knowledge, and her vast network of fellow denim lovers, and combined that passion with her own love for street photography.


The result: Denim Dudes comes to life as a street style book that provides an insider look into what the denim industry has to offer. From street-style photos, to true-life accounts of the dudes that live and breathe denim, the book explores it all in detail.


You’ll find personal interviews of real-life denim afficianodos (like Italian denim fashion designer Adriano Goldschmied) and dudettes that are so committed to denim, that they’ve made it their life’s ambition to build upon a denim legacy that started centuries ago.


The book Denim Dudes, and its companion website are an invaluable resource – not just for denim designers and industry professionals, but for anyone that owns a great pair of jeans!







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