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Iconic and Timeless 60 70s Fashion Trendsetters to Follow Today

July 11, 2019

60 70s fashion icons who defined the perfect, timeless, classic and still relevant 1960s fashion and 1970s style are just an inspiration away, so go vintage style today!


Be inspired by 60 70s fashion trendsetters to spin 60s fashion and 70s hits into your wardrobe today, taking your cues from the vintage style and trends set by these icons who are now part of fashion history.


Take your 60 70s fashion inspiration from two iconic trendsetter’s of 1960s fashion and 1970s fashion, who made fashion history and epitomized vintage style that continues to flatter today.

Twiggy's portrait

Twiggy’s portrait

60s Fashion as defined by Twiggy


Twiggy was a top fashion model in the 1960s, who dared to wear styles like mini skirts, menswear and other innovations that made fashion history.   Her 60 70s fashion style translates across the decades and is as wearable today as it was back when she rocked it as part of the 60 fashion decade.   Here are some of her key trend-setting ways:


  • Shift dresses

60 70s fashion mini dresses are synonymous with the shift style, worn with an A-line shape that falls away from the body and epitomized by Twiggy’s androgynous form.


Twiggy’s stick-straight shape in a simple shift dress with a Peter Pan collar and patch pockets in luscious candy colours like sunshine yellow, light blue or baby pink is iconic 60 70s fashion and looks as good today as it did back in the 60s and 70s.


She also worked this style of dress in stripes, gingham or plaid, throwing back to vintage style from earlier decades.


Yves Saint Laurent Geometric Shift Dresses, 1966

Yves Saint Laurent Geometric Shift Dresses, 1966


  • Mini skirts

Twiggy and Mary Quant worked together on 60s fashion collaborations that came to life in mini skirts and mini dresses that were worn high up on the thigh.   Considered very avant-garde and highly scandalous at the time, this “Chelsea look” soon became the rage of 60 70s fashion and continues to flatter the female form today.


  • Knee-high Boots with Mini Skirts

Another iconic 60 70s fashion trend set by Twiggy was pairing of knee-high boots, preferably in all white, with her mini skirts and shift dresses.  She would finish her look by adding a bag in a matching shade, sometimes with a fringe for a 70s fashion update.


  • Menswear repurposed

Twiggy wasn’t shy of stealing 60s fashion inspiration from the boys. She would add a tie or pair a men’s shirt with her mini skirts for a juxtaposition of the masculine and feminine in one look.


  • Ribbed sweater look

Another great 60 70s fashion look made famous by Twiggy was the ribbed sweater, worn fitted to her slim frame and usually with a turtleneck or mock turtleneck as the finishing touch. Paired with mini skirts, nothing was sexier or screamed 1960s fashion louder. And yet, that look is so timeless and flattering, it works as well today as it did as pure vintage style.

Lara Saint Paul in bell botton jeans, 1973

Lara Saint Paul in bell botton jeans, 1973


Ali McGraw as 60 70s Fashion Icon


Ali McGraw burst upon the world stage after her role in “Love Story” made her famous, and the world copied her 60 70s fashion trends like bohemian-chic paisley patterned tunics worn with bell-bottom jeans, her hair pin-straight, long and parted in the middle, finished with a slim leather band tied around her forehead.


  • 60 70s Fashion the Love Story way

Ali’s look in “Love Story” was quintessential 60 70s fashion and yet timeless and so wearable even today. She wore long warm coats with cosy hats and striped scarves, so very Ivy League preppy and yet also so very relatable to everyone.


  • Boho-chic vintage style

In her real life, Ali loved to rock bohemian style with lots of paisley prints, florals and peasant dresses worn with cowboy boots and crochet vests – all so very 60 70s fashion that rocks designer catwalks in the present day.


With this look back at vintage style done the 60 70s fashion way, be inspired to rock Twiggy or Ali looks in your everyday world, whether for themed events like fancy dress parties, or for your day-to-night style. You cannot go wrong picking up on the key 60 70s fashion trends like:


  • Boho-chic 60 70s fashion spins for today:

Floral and paisley prints, psychedelic colours, peasant-style tunic tops layered over skinny or bootcut jeans – these are just some of the key boho-chic looks that are timeless and classic, and look as good today as they did when setting 60 70s fashion trends.


  • Form-flattering sweaters and min skirts:

Picture corduroy mini skirts worn with ribbed turtleneck sweaters and high boots and you have a look that flatters every woman of any age or shape.   So iconic of 60 70s fashion and yet so cool and trendy as your go-to day-to-evening style.


And finally, 60 70s fashion was all about Shift dresses ala that era! You cannot go wrong with a shift dress, worn short like Twiggy or to the knee for a more demure take on this vintage style. So comfortable to wear, yet still so very stylish and of-the-moment, this is a look that transcends any fashion decade and a must for your wardrobe.


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