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Celebrity Style Icons

November 15, 2016

We can’t help but love taking a peek at the latest must have looks from well-known celebrities. There are several UK stars that have blossomed and suitably became modern celebrity style icons. These women are stars in their own right coming from industries spanning music, film and the royal family. Our fashion stars of the moment include Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. Each has seen a fashion evolution and we look at how they charmed the nation with unquestionable style.

Celebrity style – Emma Watson

The screen starlet best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. She has grown as an actress and also flourished in the style stakes. Emma Watson has been in the spotlight since a young girl and subsequently wowed us with impeccable style and sophisticated looks showing a matured young woman ready to take on new exciting things. Watson captivated designers and industry power brands that wanted the star headlining their campaigns. Burberry and Lancôme were just a few industry players alongside many popular magazine covers that featured Emma’s new chic style.


The screen star also turned her talents to fashion design, creating a collection for a well-known ethical brand. This girl oozes grace and talent whilst creating elegant casual looks alongside gorgeous red carpet glamour. She is also a huge fan of vintage clothing and back in 2009 she wowed crowds in a vintage Ossie Clark gown. More recently she stepped out in a 80s inspired layered dress and turned heads with its enormous bow perfectly sat on her hip. She is a big fan of vintage inspired makeup looks and often opts for a red or dark pink lip radiating 40s glamour.


London is her favourite place to pick up her vintage buys. Her timeless style resonates perfectly with classic vintage inspired looks with a modern twist.

Celebrity style – Victoria Beckham

Our next UK celebrity style icon first hit the headlines as part of the British girl group The Spice Girls, since then she’s bagged a gorgeous footballer and turned her love of fashion into a lucrative career. Now known for her impeccable style and killer heels, this fashionista is a force to be reckoned with.


Gracing the catwalks of New York Fashion week with her latest collections has seen Victoria’s signature style come to life. She is possibly not as well known for her love of a great vintage buy, her look still oozes classic inspired looks. Victoria loves tailoring and a sleek cut and these iconic styles resonate with past decades. Her style can most relate to the 1950s ladylike looks. This vintage era offered clothing that was tailored to create a great silhouette and emphasis feminine style.


Beckham has created a sleek, tailored look similar to her own statement style that we all know and love. Long gone are the days of chucky platforms and a short hemline. This style icon is creating infectious on trend looks perfect for the evolving fashion industry.

Celebrity style – Kate Middleton

Last but not least, sees our favourite member of royalty steal the style stakes with her infamous fashion evolution. One of the most watched ladies in the world, Kate Middleton’s style choice has been under scrutiny since her university days. Starting her fashion journey as a preppy student, Kate’s status has evolved as a fresh new fashion icon. When sporting the latest collections such as the infamous royal blue Issa dress, her public appearances sparked buying frenzies with pieces selling out within hours.


Kate is no stranger to wearing spectacular clothing and her love of vintage style has shone through. Her classic looks have seen a range of styles and her love of a gorgeous dress offer an easy style to recreate. At the premiere of Spectre, she showcased a feminine and glamorous dress designed by Jenny Packham.  This dress that took inspiration from 30s/40s glamour. Her everyday looks include a love of tea dress inspired styles that provide a simple yet elegant look complementing her figure and offer a pretty popular style.


Every designer wants to dress her and every lady wants to dress like her. The best thing about Kate’s looks is that they are accessible to all. Whether you shop designer or high street, the princess shows us how easy refined style can be achieved whatever your budget.

What makes a style icon?

There are several celebrity style icons from a yesteryear that conjure images in your mind. Vintage celebrity style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy to name a few. Many showcased a love of fashion and an individual eye catching look, whether this was overtly sexy or a sleek sophisticated look.


Celebrity style icons give us inspiration on current trends and future looks, each being remembered for years to come. For many celebrity style icons they show us something totally unique and something memorable. It could incorporate an overall look or they could be related to a certain accessory or trend. Modern style icons have proven they can live up our vintage expectations. Other well-known current celebrities including Sienna Miller and Dita Von Teese offering memorable looks.

A love of vintage…

These are just a few of our UK celebrity style icons that showcase a love of vintage or vintage inspired fashion. Many display a beautiful and characterful look that can easily be recreated in modern styling.