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Rock Star Style Lily Allen

November 12, 2014

(We know this is more pop star style than Rock Star, but please, Lily Allen is cool so we don’t care).

Gobby, opinionated, with a tendency to get involved in celebrity scrapping, Lily Allen is the girl you might avoid at school, fearing a random b!tchslap, but quite like to watch from behind the magazines.


Lilly Allen’s boisterous bolshiness is a kind of girl power in itself, but when she tried to do feminism with a video and song called “It’s Hard Out Here” pointing out the double standards involved for women in celebrity spheres, the bit where she slaps her black backing dancer’s bum kind of undermined her point.

When Lily Allen first bounced out in 2006 with “Smile”, she did make us smile though. She was cheerful and irreverent, and her crumpled 50s prom dresses teamed with trainers were too. She hung grimly onto her hoop earrings and Elizabeth Duke chains, and incidentally has never lost her strong London accent.

This could have been her best look. We like that she is too restless to stick with it for long, but by 2007 she often appears FROW and from now on is generally all designered up.


Lily Allen’s wedding dress, in 2011, was Chanel.

If Lily Allen’s performing in, say, the imaginatively named nightclub G-A-Y, or in far away LA she attempts to look cheeky:


But, although Lily Allen claims that Katy Perry is an American version of her, signed by her label to be all quirky and stuff, dare we say that style-wise, and we’re not talking about personality, Katy Perry does that kind of thing a bit, um, better? Lily seems a bit too real to pull off cartoony.


Lily Allen looks amazing in her videos all glammed up as a 60’s chick or even a sort of 40s one, really, anywhere her glossy black hair and gorgeous way with a flick of eyeliner fits in.

Lily Allen loves clothes and vintage style so much that she opened up a retro shop with her sister, called “Lucy in Disguise”.


objectified backing dancers

Lilly Allen at the Ivor Novella awards

performing at GAY, 2006

perfoming at Glasto 2007

looks groomed but surprised about it

Lilly Allen and Karl Lagerfeld, 2011

FROWs at House of Holland, 2014

Chanel wedding dress

Lilly Allen at G-A-Y 2009

in lacklustre bunny ears outfit

And for Glasto she wears a purple wig.

glastonbury 7 260609

Lily Allen is Sorta Forties in her video for __Littlest Things

But Lilly Allenlooks even better as a 60’s starlet (same song)