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Vintage 60s dressing-Mia Farrow

June 24, 2015

Whenever the pixie cut or crop comes into fashion and all the celebs are out in all their glory wearing their hair cut close to the nape of their necks, the usual actresses are brought out to compare. The most well-known are either Jean Seberg or Mia Farrow.Mia Farrow is usually the most popular image to be pulled out of the archives, as we compare pictures of Vintage 60s dressing in order to see exactly whether the new celeb and her freshly cut hair compares favourably with the look that Mia Farrow famously wore for many years.

Mia Farrow’s Effortless vintage 60s dressing style, on screen on off

Today we’re looking at Mia Farrow’s style from the 60s and focussing on her timeless style and effortless makeup.It’s those lace dresses, big eyes with lashings of mascara, liner and nude lips. Her waif like appearance and demure way of Vintage 60s dressing is a fashion inspiration for anyone who aspires to a more gamine look.From her film roles to her every day style, Farrow’s style from those heady days of the sixties is still coveted today.

60s shift dresses with A line silhouettes

We’re talking about the gorgeous 60s shift dresses with A line silhouettes, flowers and block colours. Peter Pan collars and jumpsuits with shorts. Baby doll dresses with bodices ruched under the breasts. Lots of geometric shapes, loud colours and patterns. Sometimes dresses came with large flowers on and matching shorts. Coats were simple with ¾ inch sleeves, and again that simple Peter Pan collar, or trench coats worn over the shoulders. Shoes were simple with square block heels and rounded toes.

Vintage 60s dressing

You can emulate her style easily and vintage is definitely the way to go if you want to achieve an authentic look. Watch out for sleeveless A line dresses with high rounded necks with the hemline coming above the knee. You could also look for separates, shorts and loose tops with ¾ length sleeves worn with sixties patent leather shoes and a shortish heel. A sixties dress coat will really seal the look forVintage 60s dressing, they’re usually well shaped with double breasted buttons or straight down on one side. Collars are small or medium sized peter pan colours,occasionally in primary colours.


Her wedding suit is a perfect example of Vintage 60s dressing with a 1960s cut, with Farrow opting for a two pieces ensemble with fitted suit, ¾ length sleeves, collarless jacket and a double set of buttons down the front. Beautiful, simple, yet at the same time, striking.

Short cuts

Whether or not you decide to go with the short hair is entirely up to you. It doesn’t suit everyone and is quite a blunt cut. If you do have it cut this short, it will take a long time to grow out, it’s a no-way-back cut. It’s the same for the current pixie cut trending at the moment with shaved back and sides and lots of length on top.


All short cuts are permanent and you won’t be tying up it up in a ponytail anytime soon, keep that in mind if you do decide to go ahead. You need good bone structure for this kind of cut, with high cheekbones for it to really work.The makeup is simple, with striking peek-a-boo eyes, lots of mascara and winged eyeliner. Lips are pale coral pink or left nude. Skin is translucent with barely there foundation.Enjoy putting this look together, as any style whether it’s Vintage 60s dressing or current, should always be fun.