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8 Vintage Designer Labels to Add to Your Collection

April 23, 2017

 For many, owning and wearing a piece of clothing adorning the hottest designer name is something to aspire to. The alluring sentiment of luxury clothing and the thrill of showcasing the beauty of such pieces is something many people desire. This need runs deeper than the aesthetics of a fashion piece. The emotion that is stirred when wearing vintage designer labels captures the essence of why fashion is so important to everyday living.

Even with fast fashion steaming ahead, in today’s society designer labels still hold a prominent place in the fashion industry and are looked at in a very different light.


Aside from the modern designers showcasing at fashion weeks throughout the globe. Many vintage fashion labels still exist and are more desirable than ever. We take a look at some of the best vintage designer labels to add to your wardrobe and that truly represent investment fashion pieces.

Vintage designer labels- Chanel

One of the most iconic designer fashion labels of the century has to be Chanel. Known near and far, this vintage fashion label is famed for its ‘little black dress’ and ‘No 5 de Chanel’. Designer Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel made elegant pieces for women with simple design and sophisticated luxury.

Throughout each decade, ladies loved wearing this iconic label. From Marilyn Munroe to Nicole Kidman, the popularity of this designer rose to infamous heights with signature looks and beauty redefined. Chanel is still a popular name that is adorned by many but if you’re lucky enough to grab an original Chanel suit, you’ll have a piece that will never go out of fashion.

Christian Dior

I don’t think there are many people that haven’t heard of this iconic fashion designer. Fashioning the ‘new look’ silhouette back in the 1940s brought this designer to the forefront of the industry. The very essence of Dior’s designs is timeless and classic. Although Dior’s couture pieces may set you back a pretty penny, you may be able to find some non-couture pieces from the Dior London and Dior New York era. Still inspiring classic style within the industry, this vintage fashion designer label will always hold dear in the heart of the fashion lover.

Vintage designer labels – Gucci

No one can mistake the famous Gucci logo. Most recently with its resurgence on everything from handbags to coats to suitcases, Gucci still remains a prominent designer label in modern fashion. Becoming one of the most successful leather goods manufacturer (naturally due to its Italian heritage) Gucci became a renowned figure in luxury fashion items.

The fashion label has a distinctive look, which during one time was copied heavily. If you’re looking for an original Gucci item, most of the fakes probably didn’t go the distant. So finding a piece should mean it’s the real deal. For modern items, Gucci, still produce plenty of beautiful pieces, ideal for a fashion investment.

Vintage designer labels – Hermés

From its humble beginnings with a small production of leather goods to becoming one the most exclusive handbag designers on the planet, Hermés is another huge designer fashion label contender to purchase for your wardrobe. After Hollywood actress Grace Kelly was photographed carrying the Hermés Sac a Depechés, later known as the ‘Kelly’.

Women flocked to the designer wanting this spectacular designer handbag. Later on another classic, the ‘Birkin’ bag was introduced and was named after British actress Jane Birkin. This iconic bag still remains a desirable accessory for any women’s wardrobe.

Vintage designer labels – Louis Vuitton

Another of France’s iconic fashion houses, Louis Vuitton is an iconic designer label adored by millions. Today the designers products range from ready to wear pieces, leather goods to shoes and accessories. But before this expansion into the luxury industry, Vuitton made flat-bottomed trunks that were easily stackable.

These iconic travel goods paved the way for the future of the brand. Still a prominent figure in luxury travel, the expansion of their pieces led to other leather goods creating a huge LV cult. This brand was another that was heavily copied including altercations with a well-known pop star and her music video. Putting history aside, adding a classic LV piece to your wardrobe creates a fantastic statement look and offers a little iconic travel luxury to your wardrobe.

Oscar De La Renta

Known for producing exquisitely beautiful pieces spanning a career of 49 years, Oscar De La Renta is the epitome of vintage designer label boutique style. Although pieces for this designer can go into the thousands, the beauty of his deigns remains magical. During the early days, production was small so each piece was inspected and handled by the designer himself. Oscar De La Renta created romantic, alluring fashion something that is continued today in his legacy.

Yves Saint Laurent

No article about vintage designer labels would be complete without mentioning Yves Saint Laurent. Once at the helm of the Dior label, Yves Saint Laurent certainly made a name for himself with his own creations. Still a name that sparks emotion, this iconic designer made clothing women needed to wear.

Over time YSL created impressive and cult pieces including ‘le smoking’ jacket, the trapeze dress and the jumpsuit, all of which inspired modern trends. Today you’ll find the designer label caters for all including ranges of luxury handbags, shoes, ready to wear pieces and accessories. For those that love early examples of this designer, you may have to search hard and have deep pockets, as his early creations are getting harder to find.

Pierre Balmain

Balmain once said ‘Good fashion is evolution, not revolution’ and this certainly rings true if you are able to get your hands on one of his early pieces. Still a popular amongst vintage designer labels by today’s standards, with fans such as the Kardashian’s.


Balmain dressed vintage style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Bridgette Bardot to name a few. With chic day suits and incredible evening gowns shimmering with crystals and embellishment. This vintage fashion label is definitely a designer must have to add to your investment wardrobe.


Genuine vintage fashion labels offer a unique way to complement your wardrobe. Vintage boutiques often have several examples of beautiful designer pieces at affordable prices. There are plenty of other vintage designer labels out there just waiting to be snapped up. Modern trends have seen a resurgence in 90s vintage clothing. This means designer labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are perfect for recreating this look.

You’ll find plenty of other favourites too including the classic British Burberry check that are perfect for adding an affordable designer twist to your Vintage Designer Labels to Add to Your vintage designer labels collection.


Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons