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8 Mens Vintage Fashion Trends for SS17

May 21, 2017

It’s not just ladies fashion that is turning heads in 2017. Menswear is making waves throughout the globe and offering a twist on conventional trends. At last year’s showcase of collections, men’s fashion brought us a mix of stylish staples and vintage tradition. Street style was as vibrant and forthcoming as ever with men looking hot to trot in a mix of preened exuberance and purposeful messy looks. There were an abundance of mens vintage fashion trends making a comeback this year. From exquisite and traditional tailoring to the favourite decade of the moment, the 90s, there is a choice of vintage inspirations rocking modern collections.


Vintage fashion is always offering influence to modern fashion design, and menswear design is no exception. There are key trends throughout the past century that are used time and time again to create a twist on impressive and historic design. This inspiration helps mould current trends and offers men the chance to experiment with looks and styles. There are top mens vintage trends to look out for on and off the catwalk. Take a look at some of our favourites for 2017.

Mens Vintage Fashion Trends 90s revival

There’s no getting away from this huge trend. Popular amongst millennials and their younger counter parts, 90s fashion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. It’s probably because clothing inspired from this decade is so wearable.


One item favoured by guys is the bomber jacket. From the outlandish vivid shades to the traditional utilitarian colours, this jacket is ideal for spring/summer 2017. Another favourite includes soft grungy style. With dark ripped jeans not only loved by women but the guys too, this easygoing rocker vibe mixed with an on trend band tee certainly fits the 90s revival bill.

Throw it back to the 70s

Harnessing a free spirited yet luxe appeal, street style surrounding the mens fashion weeks took a leap back to the 1970s. From the rusty browns to the burnt orange mixes, shirts and jackets paid tribute to elements of vintage style.


Some guys even opted for velvet and suede pieces topping up this vintage look with on trend sunglasses and accessories to complement. The key to mastering this look for 2017 is to create a look with hints of this iconic decade. Oh but definitely leave the bell-bottoms at home.

mens 70s vintage fashion trends - 70s vintage shirt

70s vintage shirt

Mens Vintage Fashion Trends – Show your inner hipster

As skinny jeans, plaid shirts and beards are still very much a hot trend right now, embracing the hipster look still holds prevalent for spring/summer 2017. Prada’s men’s collection saw the modern day adventurer with Bear Grylls-esque fabric’s yet festival goer style. While Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli opted for a subtler and country chic approach with luxury padded gilets and trendy joggers.

80s inspired print and colour

Embracing the vibrancy and playful style and colour of the 1980s is hot property for 2017. Modern collections have taken the mischievous nature of this decade and bottled it into graphic block print shirts and iconic graphic print tees.


Childhood cartoon characters have also made their way onto pieces as well as fashion focused bold print and ostentatious colours. If colour isn’t for you, why not try this vintage trend is a darker hue as there are tons of iconography inspired items out there to revive this iconic look.

Traditional tailoring

There’s no getting away from the fact menswear features exquisite tailoring every season. Although spring/summer may see lighter fabric and touches, tailoring is a key vintage design that will continue for years to come.


This season sees a relaxed vibe with sloping shoulder styles, floaty fabrics and a lack of general formality. This means for the guys that hate wearing ties, you’re in luck as this normally sleek look offers a breezy easygoing style for the new season.

Mens Vintage Fashion Trends – Vintage denim

Another throwback to a variety of decades including the 50s is investing in some fantastic vintage denim. Denim will never go out of fashion, whether you have a smart sleek cut or washed out vintage wares.


Every guy can pull of a pair of jeans or a stylish jacket and you have a whole range of looks to play with. From James Dean-esque coolness to grungy rocker style, there’s denim to go with every occasion so experiment with this versatile vintage fabric.

Dapper chaps and 50s rockabilly

50s rockabilly styling is a huge deal in modern vintage circles. It’s not just the ladies recreating this look; men are getting in on the act too. Encompassing everything from the clothing, shoes and style, the hair, beards and accessories are also hotting up this vintage look.


It’s not only vintage lovers that favour this uber cool decade; vintage influences are making their way into modern trends. With sleek tailoring mixed with super fly jackets and wayfarer sunglasses, you’re on your way to creating a rockabilly vibe with a funky modern twist.

Mens Vintage Fashion Trends- Athleisure

This modern mix of trends takes inspiration from several vintage looks. If you’re unsure what this trend even means, think a stylish, practical and functional trend mixed into one. Taking hints of performance fabrics and athletic detail, it is now an incredibly popular trend. For many, you may think it’s just something like wearing your gym gear to lunch but the trend is slightly more refined than that.


For men, you can enjoy wearing relaxed essentials such as chinos, tees and jackets. This takes inspirations from 30s leisurewear where men had quite a different wardrobe for formal and informal dressing. At this time the polo shirt came into vogue and men enjoyed being able to look smart in comfort when not at formal occasions.

mens vintage fashion trends

White V Neck Cricket Cable Knit Sweater

There are several mens vintage fashion trends creating key looks in modern design. Street style offers an indication of how men are experimenting with diverse trend ranges and offering something new to the table.


Key vintage looks will always influence modern fashion designers. Each season sees a revival of iconic looks and it’s super easy to recreate your favourite styles from original vintage pieces mixed with current high street items.