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Stevie Nicks 1970s style icon

March 21, 2015

As we’re embracing a 70s vibe this spring and summer, who better to look to for inspiration than Stevie Nicks, the long-time member of Fleetwood Mac and solo artist.


With her cascading waves of blonde hair, fringed waistcoats and printed maxi dresses, her 70s style can guide us through the very best of the summer’s new trend.

The inimitable style of Stevie Nicks

Read on to discover how you can recreate a typical, bang on 1970s style from someone who knew exactly how to dress with style….


If you’re talking 1970s fashion then you really can’t discount the influence Stevie Nicks had and now is a good time to take some fashion advice from the queen of bohemia and hippy style.


We’re looking at fringed waistcoats, slouchy boots, loose shaggy blonde hair worn unkempt and to the shoulders, silk kimono cardigans, patterned skirts of different lengths and wide brimmed floppy hats.

Fleetwood Mac , 1977

Fleetwood Mac , 1977


Denim is in big time this summer and distressed denim will be a big favourite, Nicks did denim in style with distressed denim halter neck tops, and shorts.


She also favoured blue indiego denim and wore bell bottom jeans to perfection, with either a halter neck top or a blouse with bell sleeves.


Denim waistcoats were worn with silk cardigans, long midi length skirts in swirling patterns and choker necklaces draped around the neck.

Fleetwood Mac - Stevie Nicks, 1980

Fleetwood Mac – Stevie Nicks, 1980


Stevie loved hats and wore them to perfection, like Lisa Bonet, she had a penchant for top hats and often wore them with head to toe black, with swathes of tulle fabric and long flowing skirts worn with either a corset or a waistcoat.


Wide brimmed floppy hats were worn as casually as her top hats and worn with bohemian flair. Berets and feathered hats were also favoured and always matched what she was wearing perfectly.


Stevie Nicks in beret with feathers and loose tendrils of hair to the sides

Stevie Nicks Shoes and boots

Boots were either slouchy or suede and to the knee with a platform heel. Boots came in different colours, from a neutral beige and black to full on crimson. Ballet flats were dramatic with ties to the ankle.


She would wear Mary Jane shoes with a cube heel or platform sandals, boots were often doc martins or laced up ankle boots with a heel reaching the calf or just above the ankle.


You often feel that for Nicks it was more about the clothes than it was about the footwear, not everyone’s mad about shoes, although Nicks may well have been addicted to boots rather than shoes, they often seemed like a subtext for something else, an accessory that completed a whole.

Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts were often of soft materials, cheesecloth, cotton and tulle, they were either to the knee, the calf or to the floor with tiers or frills. Scarves would be tied around the waist as a unique accessory and worn with long loose fringed cardigans or wrap around kimonos.

Stevie Nicks, 1977

Stevie Nicks, 1977

Vintage and Stevie Nicks 70s boho style

It’s easy to bag yourself some Nicks 70s style this summer, all you need is a liking for the bohemian look, a healthy respect for the 70s, and a real admiration for Stevie Nicks’s irreverent style.


There’s always a reason to trawl vintage stores for clothes, you can never think of enough reasons, but Stevie Nicks has to be one of the best ones I can think of. Look for maxi dresses, kaftans, skirts in a kaleidoscope of colours, preferably not a stiff fabric.


I say this because a lot of cheaply made 70s skirts were made from stiff cotton and were no alternative to the soft, flowing 70s skirts made of softer materials that moved with the wearer.

Stevie Nicks performing onstage, 1980

Stevie Nicks performing onstage, 1980

Hats and shoes

Hats are of course optional, but very Stevie Nicks. Accessories are patterned scarfs, with a fringe, even better. Shoes are flat or with a slight platform.


But for a Nicks fan it’s all about the boots. They’re to the ankle, to the calf or all the way to the knee and over. Velvet or suede is the fabric and the heel and sole come with a slight platform, too high and you’re in Slade territory, so keep it subtle.


Waistcoats are denim or suede with a fringe, make-up is subtle with chokers at the neck, (a 70s favourite) and pretty costume jewellery, with rings and long necklaces.


This summer is about the 70s and if take some notes from Stevie Nicks – you won’t go far wrong.